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Re: Omega Labyrinth Z Captures

I don't know if that will please the Overmind Lurker1_12, but from the little video i've been watching from this game a while ago, from what i understand there is also a "fith" size for all the girls. The "AA" size.

From what i could understand from the gameplay (i don't understand japanese), sometime the girl will suffer from a temporary "debuff" where she lose her current size and fall to a smaller "AA" cup size. And the game show graphic of that smaller size in the icon portrait of the girl on the top left and i believe in the girl portrait in the stats interface when you bring the menu.
I don't believe they did graphic of that girl's size in any other CG though.

For the girl who start already small, the "AA" graphic debuff don't really show much change for them. But for the few girls who are already starting with quite a well endowed bust, the "AA" debuff is really noticable as the become really really flat.

The other thing i think i understood from what i saw from video gameplay, the girls gain breast size in dungeons from gaining XP and have a few graphic and animation that show them with their different sizes, but they seem to always revert to their "default" size when the dungeon is complete and they return to the outside hubs world. And any other mini-game you do with them there (that involve CG) seem to always be with their default size. (i could be wrong, but for now, i never saw anything that would point otherwise.)
So it's a bit sad for that.....

But on the brigth side, while the girls are in the dungeon, there is a mini "hot spring" scene you can sometime encounter in some random rooms where the girl take a bath to refresh herself. And the developpers did make multiple CG of all the girls's breast size for that scene! (Hooray!!!!) \o/

Here is a video example of Mirei's different size !! (i don't think they made a version for the "AA" debuff though. Since it's temporary)

And for all of your pleasure, here is a video of all the girls's bath scene with their "Z" max size. (Either the graphic artist is inconsistant, or the girls are really bigger in reality than what the small icon portrait and stats menu portrait show us when they reach bigger size.)

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