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Re: Omega Labyrinth Z Captures

Originally Posted by hentayextra View Post
I can't seem to find any of these assets anywhere, I'd thought they'd be classed as game cg in e-hentai or a similar sight but no luck.

any idea where you can get the sprites or cleaner image, (whats here is good, thank you but they do look like screen shots with a little inconsistencies)

These ARE screen shots that are inconsistent.

It is precisely because the Overmind could not find the game cgs anywhere that it resorted to trawling gameplay videos to obtain them.

This game is already niche, and with the english release getting banned in multiple countries it would seem that the only place to find the artwork is on japanese streaming channels. Your best bet for higher quality pics is to screen cap 1080p streams. (Most of these were 720p)

Either that or sit tight for an english-asia release and hope somebody extracts the assests eventually.

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