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Re: New Story "Take It All In" by Clovis

It's been too long, so here's the next bit:

Chapter 9.2

It was daft. That was the word, the only word Etna could come up with to describe the scene playing out before her. While it had been her every intention that the night venture into the absurd, things had progressed beyond even Etna’s most wildly unreasonable expectations.

It was like watching a girl run open-mouthed into a hailstorm- a girl who already looked like she’d swallowed an entire meteorological event. Dawn’s dizzying ability to careen her absurd body about to waylay all flying foodstuffs was certainly impressive, but seemed like far too much work to her opponent. Looking on in disbelief, Etna consoled herself with the fact that these ingestible squalls were comprised of only the barest of trifles- little amuse-bouche- for that was all could fit in Dawn’s tiny mouth. Mere drops in a bucket compared to the far more substantial main courses Etna now exclusively dined upon. But those droplets were beginning to add up. Even with her state of constant motion, Etna could tell Dawn’s bucket was not only getting bigger, but saw little indication that this daft monsoon of mastication would be letting up anytime soon.

For a woman unaccustomed to qualms, Dawn gave Etna plenty. That sense of unease grew and grew right along with Dawn until it festered to a point where Etna could watch no more. Turning away from the frivolity, Etna thought it best to put her attention back where it belonged- on herself and her own feeding. That renewed focus however, had the unfortunate effect of making clear other, even more unsettling things.

“Ermph!” Etna let out a choked complaint as she was overcome by an odd sensation. It was as if she’d suddenly been teleported to another world- a far less hospitable one with precious little oxygen and far greater gravity.

What was happening? Feeling as though a great suffocating weight was being set upon her, Etna looked desperately about for a culprit. Dawn was the only thing in the room so heavy and while her little hands were free, she was otherwise fully occupied as were her cohorts. Etna was thankful none of them noticed her fretful state which continued to rise as mysterious forces mounted further against her and she felt herself being buried beneath what could only be a ton of bricks.

That’s when it hit her…

A ton.

Surely now, a ton.

She’d done it.

“Hurgh,” Etna creaked. She’d done quite a bit more in fact. But this didn’t feel like victory. What Etna had accomplished that night was astounding, but in doing so, she’d imposed upon herself a burden the likes of which no human had ever experienced- and she was experiencing every bit of it now.

For as ballyhooed as it was, the contest between Etna and Dawn was simply a battle of ego against ambition. Concurrent to that belt-busting spectacle, another more grueling and intense war was being waged and that was between Etna and her own body. It was a fight Etna feared she was now losing on both fronts.

That ton-and-then-some was wearing down on Etna like a chain of anchors lashed around her fat neck. The sheer weight of herself had Etna buckling and gasping.

It was too much.

She was too much.

Etna tried to summon back the unflinching determination and unwavering faith that always served her so well, but looking within she found nothing but pressure- a painful, unbearable strain upon her bulging frame that continued to build and compound, making Etna aware of every newly packed-on pound with an acute and frightful clarity. Resorting instead to that deep well of anger and rage she’d always held, Etna found that too had been pushed out. “Ooogh!” Etna winced- her vast innards had become a maelstrom, a nauseatic swirl that bubbled and churned like a cauldron about to boil over. Struggling to hold it all back, her over-taxed skin creaked like a dam about to give way.

No more.

Not another bite.

Surely this was it, her absolute limit. Without even knowing what she’d currently been chewing away at, Etna stopped herself from swallowing and halted her hands before they could deliver any further loads to join it.

Why the sudden change? Her situation had long been precarious, but Etna couldn’t understand how it had increased to such an extent without her noticing. How could she have let herself get to so dire a point, and more importantly, how could she possibly keep going?

These questions left Etna stalled and stricken, but somehow all those amassing woes were at once allayed when her eye caught sight of a particular shooting star passing high overhead.

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