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Botcomics Futanari Updates


Leon, Naheed and Felicity have been friends forever but a year apart at school has led to some big changes in their lives. When they all finally get back together for some summer fun at Leon’s aunt’s awesome cabin in the woods, it’s clear that the shy yet voluptuous Naheed might need a little encouragement to express her feelings for her long-time crush, Leon.

Luckily for her, her tomboy friend Felicity has just the right push to encourage Naheed when they find a mysterious bottle that will help them “rise” to the challenge. Soon Felicity and Naheed will be getting a first-person experience of what it means to wield the power of a futanari. When the initial shock wears off, a new hunger takes over as both women deal with the flood of urges that come with their new gift. What proceeds is some fun size comparison, skinny dipping, and fooling around under the stars. And what’s that? They grow when they cum? They’re definitely going to have their hands full by the end of the summer!


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