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Re: New Story "Take It All In" by Clovis

robclassact- I'd love to hear what you think, I hope you like it. As the story progresses, there may be aspects more to your liking.

sadmanofshadows- I'm glad you're enjoying it. I put a lot of work and thought into the descriptions, and often worry I'm going into too much detail or am drawing things out too much.
As for scale, my proofreader had the same concern. Much of the next chapter deals with this in what I hope is a creative fashion. The reason I've held back in getting too specific with Dawn is that while she's grown tremendously, she's still a very small woman, and so her measurements never sound as impressive as her sense of how big she's become. Her first expansion sort of spelled out my approach. Dawn feels she's grown so much and declares that she's practically tubby now, but her sister tells her she'd barely fill a size 2.
The end of chapter six establishes that she hasn't yet grown in height, and actually stands shorter than she had from the outset due to her fattening legs being forced apart. So Dawn now stands several inches shorter that her original five feet. From neck to knees she is nearly fully round with greatly expanded breasts, legs, arms, hips, and ass adding to that.
Etna was known to be over six feet tall, and has been seated throughout the contest. In this last chapter Lydia notes that while her seat has bowed down almost to the floor, Etna seems to still sit just as high.
With expansion stories I prefer to let the reader imagine what they'd like over hitting them with too many stats. Certainly there will be touch points that will make their sizes more specific, but I don't think it's as fun. With Holly for example, we know that she's more voluptuous than Etna had been. Etna mentions that she had been a double-D. So all you really know is that Holly is bigger than that. What did you picture? For a story point to show how Etna doesn't even know her name, I did decide to actually state her cup size- an H. Is that bigger than what you were thinking? Smaller?
Sizes will become more clear, but my idea with these early growth chapters was to focus more on how big the character's felt they were getting and the effect their bodies were having on their clothes or environment. I had an idea to have Amber using measuring tape throughout, but abandoned it as I honestly felt it sucked some fun out of it.
Hope you enjoy what's to come.
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