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Harem Protagonist - Dating Sim With BE (Last Kickstarter Days!)

Harem Protagonist is a visual novel/dating sim where you've woken up to discover a narrator's voice in your head, commanding you to woo the ladies of your school or else. Now, to cut off the most frequent objections to Kickstarter threads, The base game is already funded. Further funding will be to increase the BE opportunities. So you've got a visual novel that already has BE, but further funding could make it better.

Even if no more addition funding goals are met, just look at some of the busts you'll have access to (And these are admittedly the largest you see in the demo, but these are their STARTING sizes):

Also note the game comes with a jiggle slider to alter how much you want the girls' chests to wobble.

Now, where's the BE come in? With an optional "wishing stone" granted to the player early on in the game. Not only can you make the girls' breasts bigger, you can make it so you see through their outer clothes ("Panty-vision") and other good stuff. It was one of the early stretch goals, so if you want to play the game regularly that's still an option.

But hey, don't take my word for it- try the demo out!

If you like it, consider backing towards the "New Game +
Stretch goal, which will let you start the game over with all gained/earned stats intact from the start- including any grown measurements! And yes, the story/scenes will have alternate super-busty versions to recognize their now-lifelong hugeness!

Go pledge! I did!
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