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Re: Inflation Poll

Straight Inflation (SI), 7, dig it!

Tummy Growth (Tu), 5, this is great when localized with the intention of inflating the rest along the way.

Wonka Growth (Wo), 9, love it.

Other/Localized Growth (OL), 8, love it, especially when the excess growth is concentrated in the sexy spots (i.e., bigger boobs, twat swelling, etc.)

With Weight (WW), 9, really love this with the caveat that I'm not really into women being turned into Jabba The Hut blobs. Rather, I prefer either they are forcefully made overweight or become plus-sized and extra curvy (i.e., built like adult actress London Andrews).

Without Weight (OW), 6, this is again one of those things I love the idea of in theory but its execution is subpar (IMHO ).

Tempary Growth (T), 7, I like this...especially if the new size would normally cause some massive health issue with the circulatory system (but who's worrying about realism with this genre, anyways *lol*).

Burst Through Clothing (BC), 10, my favorite and it's annoying that so much inflation doesn't have this...maybe because so much inflation art is aiming to be more cute than porn-y.

Pregnancy (P), 8, this can be hot when part of an overall TF. For instance, cute babe is TFed into some space alien and then instantly impregnated after intercourse by the giant space flea from Mars that just TFed her.

Size Category Small (SCS), 10, love it! Like I said, London Andrews size is perfect.

Size Category Medium (SCM), 10, love this one as well.

Size Category Large (SCL), 2, this I'm less interested I said, not really into women becoming shapeless blobs of fat.

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