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Re: Inflation Poll

BC: 8. This seems to be almost a given one with me.
WW: 10. Especially if it is into a character who is known for having a larger body type.
SCS: 10. As long as it's not grotesquely obese to the point of being unmovable. But i'm a sucker for the BBW type.
T: 9. But it varies.
P: 1. Not big on pregnancy. Especially not male pregnancy.
SCM: 3. Let's just say I don't like it when the majority of the gain is 'look how awesome being fat is, do you want to feel my belly?' and I try not to do those types.
OW: 1.
WO: 2.
SCL: 1. Not my thing.
Tu: 7. As long as the whole thing isn't all about how glorious it is to be fat and doesn't consist of smothering with the belly or forcing others to be fat too in the same manner.
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