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Re: Inflation Poll

Hey I just noticed this poll.

Iíll comment this. My love for body/expansion/inflation is very specific. Itís 100% whimsical and has almost no connection to reality. When I see extreme weight gain documentaries, my heart goes out to those individuals.

It's hard to quantify what I like in Body Expansion. What I do know is I enjoy the shift in power. I love when main protagonist is petite and unassuming, then gains a magical plot device which gives her a Dr. Jekyll transformation. I also adore pairing up body expansion with giantess growth.

This is my Jam:

(art by SumoChicks on DA)

The expression of casual dominance from the massive woman is perfect.

I also love it when two characters get huge and use their size to their advantage. (Art by SeriojaInc on DA)

And this is one of my favorite transformation sequences by
0pik-0ort on DA

I'm in a definite agreement with some of the previous comments that its never good when the main character becomes an unmovable blob of fat. And its interesting that the reversible category is much higher than the BE poll. It makes me a little more comfortable with my fetish when other are like, "yeah, she can't be like this forever..." and weight gain as a punishment has never been my thing.

This cartoon traumatized me as a kid:

Thus any time a body expansion story shifts one millimetre into dark themes I am out. I love the whimsical, no consequence stories.
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