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Thanks for hosting. : D

Alright, so I actually do have a few small suggestions. Ha. See what I did there?

What I would love to see implemented in a future release is some form of an "extreme" setting, whether by easter egg code or what have you, that allows for a free-roam no-time-limit game.

Perhaps putting the baseline of the game so that the smallest you could go isn't 1.0 endHeight for 1cm, but instead 0.000~001 endHeight to approximate 0cm. Basically, if I fall off a test tube container, I'd like it to take 10 minutes to reach its base. Yeah, that small.

I really enjoyed the left-side scale in the first version release, how it took up the entirety of the left side. It allowed a good view of juuuust how much distance was between the milestone markers. Having it cramped in the top-left corner is nice and gamery, but loses that sense of just how much reduction has occurred.

One final suggestion is to put in tiny ladders for the top of the locker and shelves for the <10cm player.

But, that's all these are: suggestions. If you don't do any of these, I'll still be just as happy that you made the game at all. I really appreciate it and I'm having a blast playing through the actual potion part of the game properly, as well as my own datahacks for super-custom gameplay.

Thank you for making this game. It's very, very fun.

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