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Re: New Story "Take It All In" by Clovis

Sorry for not giving a comment. You are doing amazing work.
Your story is awesome. In this particular chapter you banished a fear that I had of Dawn turning into a replica of the gross fat that is Etna. Plus her roasting was very satisfying!
I too love the depth of character you've brought to the table and the expansion description.
One of the biggest questions I have is how Dawn is going to go about regular life once she's Etna size haha
Plus, I'm concerned for the love triangle! If it could be called a love triangle... maybe a crush triangle? Anyway.
I really like what you are doing here, and I know others like it to, regardless if they speak up or not. But I completely understand your frustration at the lack of speaking up.
Do you have any other place you post your work?
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Heres the clip on youtube.
Skip to 6:14 for the stuck scene
link provided by smegman9
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