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Re: Down the Drain - Shrink Fan Comics

Originally Posted by zdarkness View Post
The original piece was acknowledged by Merc in this post on deviantart:

I know that shrinking in the shower isn't an original idea but it is beat-for-beat very similar, right down to her waking up in her bed still shrunk. Apparently there was also like an audio reading that people say he ripped dialogue from? But that seems sketchy to me. I haven't heard it myself but it's very generic reactionary dialogue. Anywho, if you want to get Drawanon's attention speak to them on the /d/ shrinking women thread on 4chan. Either way he'll probably say not to sweat it but I think the gesture would be appreciated by the community at large. (Also you could try to get him on board with you guys, he's a p.good artist. >_>)
I agree with this statement and while ideas may be free, the above link shows that it was "inspired" And what I see by "inspired" is "This is a cool idea, lets do this with better art and make the scene longer."

I am not saying I disapprove and the anon who made the original comic said he was fine with it and that he also was inspired to make it from an old Minimizer story.

My issue is that this shouldn't have taken a month slot. It should have been a 15th comic issue, like you have done in the past. It was nice, but the dialogue is generic and the reaction for her shrinking but masturbating anyway feels forced. In conclusion, I feel like this shouldn't have taken a monthly issue slot by itself and that it would be nice if we got more than one comic a month to justify the $15 a month pricetag. That's the price of a full month of WoW sub. I don't mind paying that much. But it would be nice to get more than one comic a month out of that.
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