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Re: Let's see about shrinking some of our community members!

Originally Posted by bw121212 View Post
Since the clock is winding down and this has been so much fun I have to say first thank you to Arcane for keeping this updated and current and just generally a welcoming and chill thread.
It was a bit of work! I'm just glad I thought of a way for everybody to have fun!

I propose that every unused vote to shrink in the game at 12 noon Saturday be used to subtract height and add cup sizes to our beautiful 1'11" tall ArcaneBEfan!!!
It's not in the ruuuules, but I wouldn't argue with enough popular demand!

Votes Remaining:
  • Anotherfetishguy: Votes: 3/6
  • Dwindling-Iva: Votes: 3/6; Bonus: 1/3
  • I T: Votes: 6/6; Bonus: 3/3
  • Janus Steel: Votes: 6/6; Bonus: 3/3
  • Meapmasta: Votes: 3/6
  • OhZone: Votes: 2/6; Bonus: 0/14
  • sally_g: Votes: 0/6
  • scidram: Votes: 3/6
  • shrunkensandra25: Votes: 6/6; Bonus: 0/0
  • travis365: Votes: 3/6
  • TrunKated: Votes: 3/6
  • Vicky Mouse: Votes: 3/6; Bonus: 1/8
I clicked on it by accident in yellowbelt's signature... but it was fun so now I have one!

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