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Giant couple story on sale now at Amazon!

Now available on Amazon for $0.99 is the giant couple story "Johnny Helps" written by me, Solomon G. This short story also includes some cuckold themes.

"Johnny Helps" is an erotic fantasy of a scientist named Dr. Clark, his wife Heather, and their pool boy Johnny. The wife has long dreamed of growing larger. Her genius husband devises a formula with amazing properties capable of exceeding the wife's wildest dreams. However, things go awry when the married couple's pool boy inadvertently takes the scientist's growth formula at the same time as the wife.

After that fateful moment, the husband watches his wife and pool boy slowly grow larger every day until they reach an incredible size.

For an example of my writing, please check out my ongoing story thread "Dr Hehant's Growing Orgy (M/F, growth)" at the Giantess City "Couples Stories" forum.
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