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Re: Doll transformation

Originally Posted by Shadow00000 View Post
I doubt you want to see it, I was just remembering that genre, where the toy becomes alive turns the kid into a doll and plays with him/her, doing what it pleases most, it's a common horror story, not hentai necessarily.

Gakkou Kaidan has a Voodoo doll chapter around the last volumes, really wanted to post that one, is just body control but is hilarius, Mizorogi makes a voodoo doll with Kukiko's hair, then goes into a hotel and forces her body to come there against her will. It's another epic fail from Mizorogi, but not worse than when he tried to posses/enter her, just to discover what was awaiting inside.

There was another from Shizaki Masayuki, where a girl uses a voodoo doll to stimulate another girl, but is lolicon if I am not mistaken, like most of Masayuki's stories.

One of the Champion RED Ichigo stories is like the one above (but non-hentai), the girl uses a doll to battle but both are linked and feel what happens to each other, ecchi ensues (likely to go into Adult category). Really nice artwork, I am sure Jitensha will be interested, I'll later bump that thread with this series.

The author is Sena Monaco, that explains everything. Behold...
I'd love to see some of these things -- Gakkou Kaidan, for example, or Shizaki Masayuki (or at least, find out what book that story is in). Any chance for a rapidshare?
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