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Re: Doll transformation

Originally Posted by chachazero90 View Post
Have you seen any manga/anime series which have voodoo dolls.
I kinda like the idea of how the dolls actions and effects on the minature doll will effect the real body.
When I was younger, my favorite anime show was the American-English release of "Sailor Moon" solely on the basis that each heroine wore a short skirt. (Ahh... Those were the days...)

While the Sailor Senshi (or Sailor Scouts, as I have heard them called) were facing the Amazon Quartet, the cute Amazon named Para-Para (or Palla-Palla, depending on your source information) utilizes a "Magic Ball Control" spell to transform an energy ball into a doll of Sailor Moon -- which takes physical control of all of the Sailor Senshi simultaneously! She plays with the doll for a few seconds, then attempts to pull the doll apart by the arms. The scene is disappointingly short, but is fascinating for "voodoo" fanatics such as myself.

Reference: Sailor Moon SuperS 161
Example YouTube Link:

Voodoo scene begins @ approximately 6:18 of the above videolink.
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