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Brother Complex by N647 Xmas Special.

-Delurks from the shadows-

So I have stalked, patiently, and I have not seen this get posted yet. I hope this is worth exposing my position...

Anywho, I feel a small warning is in order


...if that matters to... anyone...

Ok, so our dear old friend, talented artist and beloved content creator of olde, N647 has put their Web-comic series "Brother Complex" hosted here:
onto a brief holiday break but not without a fun treat for those of us who love the naughty....

Single Comic, Simple expansion Dream Sequence, scene.
Contains: AP, Height, Leg, Ass, But Most Prominently Breast Expansion!
So it must be brought before you all to enjoy!

Edit: I urge you to enjoy the full comic and story if you do not already, however. It contains no actual process, aside from a flashback sequence in the intro arch. It is more an after-expansion and the reuniting of siblings. So it will not suite everyone who frequents here. It is, however, a very charming and well written/Drawn/storyboard by N647 and is well worth taking the time to read. Thank you!

Happy Holidays one and all!

-Vanishes into the Winter's Veil, light snow to cover tracks by the morning-

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