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AR (and minor AP) in Bikkuriman episode 33

Yo guys, I've been on a roll lately, and here's another AR find to keep it going! ^u^ I just found male and female AR (as well as minor dream AP) in Bikkuriman episode 33. ^u^

The monster of the week in that episode is a weird-ass stroller demon, whose rattles can transform people into babies. It gradually regresses most of the heroes into infants, leaving the few remaining to kick its ass. As for the minor AP part, it happens in a dream sequence near the end, where the villains hypnotize Yamato into thinking he's an old man or something; this illusion is quickly dispelled, and you get to see Yamato "age back down" to normal. And needless to say, the rest of the team turns back to normal as well, though offscreen in most of their case.

All ARs have oversized clothes, though process varies. The first AR is male, with old god Shaman Khan as the victim. His AR is offscreen, as he falls off a cliff onto a branch below, and is already a baby by the time the others pull him up. The second AR has two boys and a girl (at least I think two boys) as the victims, and this time, we get to see them shrink into their clothes. The process is partially covered by Yamato's dumb ass getting in the way, but he fortunately doesn't hide a lot, and it's still well done.

One of those victims is aged back to normal, then ARed into a baby again alongside another guy later in the episode. This third AR is offscreen too; the villains throw and detonate the rattles like grenades, then the characters are shown as babies. Finally, Yamato's dream AP is also offscreen, though the RN is shown, like I mentioned earlier.

All in all, a surprisingly great find IMO; I expected to see just poof ARs of one guy, but we get several ARs, in baggy clothes, of a fair number of characters, and with one having process. >w< I'm really happy to have found it! ^u^

(As a final side note, I knew this anime featured some kind of age transformation for a while, since I had seen its name mentioned on a site, but I hadn't managed to find out what they were until now, so that's a good closure. ^u^)

The first AR is at 5:10, the second at around 8:15, the third at 16:51, the dream AP at 18:45 and its RN at 20:02.
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