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Group/Multiple TG

Hi there, I haven't seen this kind of TG as a separate thread before so I've decided to make a new one. Group/Multiple TG is (as the title may suggest) when a group of men undergo a transformation into women, usually as part of a background cast of men and not the main character.

In this thread I hope we list and discuss times this has happened in tv, anime, comics, film and literature.

In order to not make this a request thread I shall include some examples that I have found:

1) Ore Twintails ni Narimasu: In episode 12, Spiderguildy uses his girly boy attack which turns the men of the city into girls. The scene can be seen here at 0:37

2) Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Moveeh: In this transgender superhero movie from the Philippines, Queen Femina of the Amazonistas transforms a group of men into women. The scene can be seen her at 3:47 (along with another man at the start)

Also this film is based on a comic book that I have not heard of or seen. There may be more TG in there?

3) Formula for Conquest by Infinity Sign: A comic on and one of my favorites. On page 31 (spoiler alert) it is revealed that Dr Jeckyll's ability to control women has caused many men in the street to turn into sex crazed bimbos. The image is attached.

The whole comic is linked here:

4) El Goonish Shive by Dan Shive: During the Family Tree story arc, the male guests at a new years eve party are turned into girls. The two strips in question are linked below:

This is my list of examples of this form of TG in action, I'm certain there are many other examples out there in comics, manga and stories. If anybody else has any new examples or wishes to discuss the ones up above, please help yourself. I'll try to update this thread if I find anything new (or old).
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