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Re: New Story "Take It All In" by Clovis

Originally Posted by robclassact View Post
So thrilled to see new work from you. Your works were some of my earliest inspiration. Love what I've read so far.
Thanks robclassact for the support. I should send you an updated version of "Playing with a Full Deck" for your mg/sg site.

I am wondering what you or anyone else reading think about this longer chapter by chapter style release. I think by part three, this is already the longest story I've put out which has allowed me to get much more into character. I also like the idea of being able to do more cliff-hanger type endings and some misdirection. (Was Dawn's twist at the end of part three a surprise?)

Anyone have a preference for doing it like this or is one long release better? Or is this too long and drawn out to begin with? Let me know.

Thanks for reading, much more to come.
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