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Re: New Story "Take It All In" by Clovis

In honor of another size-con come and gone, I wanted to put out at least a little something to show that the story is still ongoing.

Chapter 9

A meteor shower is a rare and wondrous phenomenon. If fortunate enough to ever come across such a spectacle, one would be hard pressed to ignore it. But as a dazzling array of flittering projectiles soared through the air above, Etna tried to do just that.

Though sizes and shapes varied and their trajectories were haphazard at best, somehow each and every spiraling bit found itself drawn inevitably down to the fetching little planetoid below. And like that stellar body so eager to greet their arrival, these all started out small- the meekest of morsels passed over for not seeming worth the bother. But there is a reward for those who see value in the seemingly inconsequential. For as their numbers grew and grew and they amassed en masse within their new host, it was she who began to amount to something more. The process is called accretion, and stands proof positive that there is no such thing as an insignificant speck for it has given us all the great bodies of the universe- from the moons and planets, to the most massive stars and grand sprawling galaxies.

Feeding Dawn directly had become too much of a bother, so those challenged with the task decided it would be easier to just throw whatever bite-sized items they could find her way. Seated side-by-side atop the great dining table like a pair of fans up in the bleachers, Lydia and Amber tossed an endless barrage of crispy baked tidbits from the platters filling their laps. While at first they’d taken their time- politely alternating in turn once certain each throw was caught- those gentle lobs soon became fast pitches, and eventually they were throwing out their fare as quickly as they could grab it. And yet, no matter how fast or frenzied, not a single delectable item ever made its way to the floor. Under arm, over arm, and poorly aimed foul, Dawn intercepted their unyielding barrage of tater tots, assorted nuggets, and various kinds of popper without fail.

Known to be embarrassingly devoid of any hand-eye coordination in the past, Dawn proved surprisingly deft with her mouth. By bobbing and careening her rounded robustness about, the inflated ingenue exhibited a puppy’s natural knack for catching airborne treats. Wasting no time chewing, Gulp! Gulp! Gulp! Dawn sent each down quick as she could to make room for the next. And like any excitable pup, Dawn’s little hands were set to flapping wildly- both as an expression of joy, and to beg her benefactors to keep this whirlwind feeding continuing- more, more, MORE!

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