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Re: New Story "Take It All In" by Clovis

Gobble, gobble. Happy Thanksgiving. Here's another small serving:

Chapter 9.3

Despite the pain, the pressure, and all the ill portends, one and only one thought filled Etna’s head at that moment- and it wasn’t even about her:

She can’t possibly…

To describe Lydia’s level of athletic ability as middling would have been beyond generous. While such lack of talent in that regard befit her gothic exterior, Lydia did her damndest to aim for her sister’s mouth regardless. Whenever Holly thought Etna wasn’t looking (in-between bites of her own) she joined in the fun utilizing her far superior varsity arm to hurl hushpuppies from the far end of the room with remarkable precision. As for Amber… it may have been a bad throw from a tired arm or a purposefully bad pitch meant to test her roommate’s prowess, but what proved enough to pull Etna from her dilemma was the sight of that limp-wristed hippy lobbing a tater-tot so high and far overhead that it nearly grazed the lofty ceiling.

There’s just no way…

Calculating the arc as Amber’s shooting star became a falling one, Etna figured its landing to be well out of range for fat little Dawn to ever catch. As with so many things that night, Dawn refused to abide to the limits of even math or physics, and made no such assumptions.

Before Amber’s misfire could be dealt with, Dawn had a more urgent pair of incoming snacks to snatch up first. Holly’s came in hard and fast and went down easy. Lydia’s required a quick pitch and yaw, but was gobbled up regardless. With a blurry expedience, Dawn then executed two full sideward rolls from which the many surrounding serving carts offered no impediment whatsoever- their mettle no match for Dawn’s as they were walloped away with ease. Once in alignment with her target, Dawn swiftly got her roundness back upright, then just as swiftly fell fully backward- her little feet thrust into the air perpendicular to her hands as…


Wasting no time, Dawn immediately chased after the next tasty target. And the next.

It certainly was a lot of work for a single bite, but Etna now found herself grateful to witness such historic effort. Size and skill simply weren’t meant to go so well together. It was both expected and appropriate that Etna’s immense mass would afford her all the grace and agility of an anvil. But despite demonstrations of her own considerable load, Dawn flittered and skittered her bobble-shaped body about like an ornament fallen off a Christmas tree. To see such a cumbersome form so artfully maneuver itself made Etna’s heart leap. Lost in the moment, she wanted to clap, but caught herself just short of doing so. Not that Dawn needed Etna’s applause, the whole house was set to clattering over her weighty achievements.

During that reflective pause Etna realized it was pride and only her pride that kept her from clapping just then. The importance of that distinction became clear as she gazed down in surprise.

Her hands were free.

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