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Re: Story: One Week at Wolf Lake (Growth, miniGTS, GTS, F/m, F/f, sex)

Next part. As a great man once said, "Into the darkness, so it begins..."

* * * * *

Across town, Vanessa Lewis had an unpleasant awakening of her own. This had less to do with what was ahead of her today and more to do with what was behind her over the weekend. Various muscles in her arms, legs, neck and back were screaming their complaints at her; she was in good shape, but she'd really done a lot of exercise the last few days. Her clerical position at Northwestern Resources didn't involve a lot of labor, and her regular workouts weren't nearly so stressful and never lasted more than an hour or so. She reminded herself that it had needed doing, and it was for a good cause; still, she knew she'd be sore for a few days. Thank God she'd had Jake to help her, or she never would've gotten it finished in time.

She glanced at him, still out like a light and snoring like a buzz saw on his side of the bed. It was amazing she managed to get any sleep at all with that racket. Then again, they'd both been so worn out they were lucky they'd made it to the bed. She sat up and habitually stretched—and was rewarded with another shooting pain in her back. She decided that what she needed was a nice hot shower with the massaging shower head. That might loosen up some of the knots she was feeling. If not, maybe she could get Jake to give her a back rub later. Stepping out of bed (and trying to ignore the twinges of pain in her legs), Vanessa shook out her long, dark tresses, pulled off the old t-shirt she'd borrowed from him, slid off her panties, and entered the bathroom. She was still a bit groggy, so she ran some cold water in the sink and splashed a double handful into her face. It jolted her awake, and she seemed to feel a bit better overall. Maybe being clearheaded could help her deal with the pain. She stretched again, experimentally; there was definitely less pain this time, though it still hurt like hell. She shrugged it off and turned on the shower.

Some time later, having used the massager all over her sore muscles until she could feel the hot water starting to go, she shut off the taps, got out, and dried off. She put on a bra, but when she tried to clasp it, something felt off. Her breasts were 34C, not huge by any means, but she felt like her bra was squeezing them a bit snugly. Then she pulled on her panties and had a similar problem.

“What the hell?” Vanessa said aloud. She pulled them off and checked the tag, just in case, but they were her size. She put them back on, but then the same thing happened with her jeans. “Hmm. I hope I'm not putting on weight.”

Jake's voice issued sleepily from the nearby bedroom. “Wha...? Som' wrong?”

“No, nothing, hon. Just thinking out loud,” she replied. She made a mental note to amp up her workouts for the next week or two—she'd worked hard for her trim physique and didn't want to start gaining pounds out of the blue. She was preoccupied with worry about putting on weight, so she didn't notice the cuffs of the jeans were a bit higher than they should've been.
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