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Re: New Story "Take It All In" by Clovis

Chapter 4

The heaping helping of mac and cheese was more food than Dawn usually ate in a week and she devoured it all in under a minute. Pushing the huge bowl away, Dawn then leaned back in her chair eager to make an assessment. The result was plain to see for beneath her shirt there now rose a beautiful little potbelly. Dawn beamed proudly for her body finally had a feature that was big, smooth, and round that wasn’t her forehead.

It looked as if she’d blown up a balloon inside her clothing- something Dawn had plenty of experience doing in private- and she gave her lone bulge a poke to confirm that it was really all her in there. Her distended stomach was packed so full and tight Dawn wondered if she really had any supernatural digestive aid at all. After a moment however, the pressure ebbed and she felt it soften. This is nice, Dawn thought while affectionately massaging the dome of her new tummy. As pleased as she was, one critical thought still managed to creep into Dawn’s head- though she didn’t want to be ungrateful or selfish, she couldn’t help but think that a little up top would be nice as well. Possibly in response, Dawn detected new pressures suddenly mounting in those areas most desired.

“Oh- oh please,” Dawn begged as she pulled the shirt’s collar forward to witness what she prayed was coming. “Yes… yes please,” she urged as she saw a stirring within the empty cups of her modest brassiere. “Oh, yes- oh please yes…” Dawn felt her flesh slowly push out into her cups, filling them up and rounding them out. Forgetting that her sister was standing right next to her, Dawn grabbed her newly grown breasts, biting her lower lip in extreme joy as her fingers confirmed that the bra was no longer purely ornamental. “Yessssss,” Dawn purred in utter contentment as she massaged the two doughy mounds contained within- small to be sure- but long-overdue and so very sorely missed.

Still in a state of rapture, Dawn felt her belly sigh again, this time sending some of its wealth down below the waist where there followed a plumping of her hips and bottom. With one hand refusing to abandon her fascinating new chest, Dawn’s other shot down and grabbed at her once bony ass. Simultaneously squeezing both breast and butt cheek while her eyes continued marveling at her terrific tummy Dawn squee’d, “Look at me! I’m getting big all over- I’m practically tubby.”

Lydia’s brow furrowed at her sister’s ambitious claim, “Um, sweetie, I don’t think you’re even a size two yet.”

“Well, coming from a petite double zero, any number sounds big to me.” Lydia spoke the truth, but Dawn hardly cared. From her perspective, everything was looking quite substantial. As none of her flesh had ever been fleshy before, Dawn delighted in exploring her newly squishy bits- gleefully groping, jiggling, and bouncing what had only ever been taut, lean, and flat.

“It wasn’t nearly so fast for me, but I do remember it being pretty awesome when I finally started growing,” Lydia reminisced. She then proceeded to analyze Dawn’s newly swollen form in a cautious and clinical way, poking and prodding away at her sister’s changes with scrutiny before nodding her head in satisfaction. “Thankfully, your makeshift spell does seem to be doing its job. I’d ask if you were feeling ok, but after that little display I’d say you’re feeling far better than ok.” Watching Dawn nod back in vigorous agreement, Lydia began fussing over the dribbles of yellow cheese sauce all over her face. “Ugh, but your face is a mess,” Lydia commented as she dipped a napkin in some water.

“Really, that’s what your worried about?” Dawn said licking some of the remnant cheese off her lips. “It’s only going to get worse.”

Lydia paused, napkin still at the ready, “Maybe not…” She watched in fascination as the many stains slowly faded and Dawn’s skin sparked as pristine and clean as if freshly washed.

“Why’s that?”

“It’s … it’s gone. I think it went right into your pores.”

“Wow,” Dawn said rubbing her hand across her porcelain chin, “so, I’m super-absorbent as well- this just keeps getting better.”


Dawn’s reverie was interrupted by the sound of shattering ceramic which signaled that Etna had added another victory to her belt. Dawn granted Etna the barest of her attention before looking back beneath her shirt and the newfound glories within. While Dawn still found her breasts glorious, it was now only because of their newness. Having given them a second look, Dawn already began to think of them as itty bitty in their smallness. Her growth had become merely incremental and she yearned for another scintillating surge. “Come on girls,” Dawn cooed as she gave them a shake. “Never think I don’t love you, but…. OH!” Dawn exclaimed as gave herself another squeeze, “I’d love you so much more if you grew even bigger.”

Lydia rolled her eyes and slid a full pan of lasagna in front of Dawn and put a fork in her hand- “Alright, sis, you’re doing great, but you still have a long- long way to go.”

From a neutral zone in the center of the room, Amber and Holly watched in both shock and awe as Etna attacked her food like a woman possessed. She huffed and chewed and gasped and swallowed while downing spoonful, ladle full, hand full, bowl full, plate full, platter- CLANG! Another platter cleared and tossed aside as Etna greedily grabbed for the next.

Already the size of a golf cart, Etna seemed determined to enter the sub-compact range as soon as possible. Amber winced at not just the sight of such unabated gluttony, but the sounds and smells that came along with it. An unfortunate side effect of Etna’s intake of fuel was that as the engine of Etna’s digestive system roared to life it began giving off exhaust- the combustive woman was constantly jolted by eruptive burps and noxious farts that rocked and shook her tumultuous mass, though did little to brake her stride. Seemingly famished, Etna just couldn’t seem to get the food in fast enough as she pounded it into her face with such ferocity the girls thought she had to be leaving bruises about her chins and cheeks- though it would be impossible to tell under the sloppy mess splattered over them. Wholly focused on either the food she was eating, SMASH! or what she would be eating next, Etna never once looked up at her onlookers. She seemed to have forgotten all about her guests until…

“That’s not for you!” Etna blurted out- a cascade of half-chewed food spit out along with the words.

Amber paused with her mouth around the tip of an asparagus spear. “Fine- not really something I like anyway,” she said as she tossed the flaccid morsel at Etna as one would if trying to keep an angry animal at bay. Taking Holly by the hand the pair retreated to Dawn’s end of the table.

The foot long asparagus spear landed atop one of Etna’s enormous breasts. She meant to grab it and devour it quickly, but she stopped herself, finding it a good unit of measure. Four of those for the length of that breast she guessed. Three wide. And how many to measure this great expanse of belly? To measure that she’d need some baguettes she thought with a self satisfied chuckle as she shoved the length of the asparagus into her mouth and swallowed it down with the rest.

Etna was already so astoundingly huge it was hard for even her to gauge, but she was feeling bigger and heavier already. With the amount of food she had just consumed, she knew that her thousand pound goal had certainly been passed. Such a feat should have filled Etna with pride, but she only felt an emptiness. Etna clutched a brimming goblet of egg cream and gulped it down. Still empty. She thought back to how small Dawn looked standing before her great belly. Thought of how much bigger her belly must already be since then. She was ten times the woman Dawn was. Literally. But that little brat still defied her. Well, Etna thought as she grabbed for another meal, she just needed to get bigger then. Dawn would look so much smaller if Etna got so much bigger. CRASH! went a porcelain ramekin, all that remained of a cheese soufflé. And bigger. Etna wheezed as she pulled forward a mountain of honey glazed chicken wings, tossing bone after bone aside, adding it to the graveyard at her feet.

This whole silly affair was really just an excuse for Etna to have the feast of her dreams- something she’d already been planning for when her contract with the school ended in a few weeks. Etna had a whole lifetime of leisure and indulgence ahead, but Lydia’s little twerp sister had accelerated those plans. Which was probably for the best as Etna was more than ready. Shaming Dawn and expelling the lot was simply meant to be the cherry on top of an endless sundae. But now she wanted to see them all bow before her greatness. A low rumble coursed through Etna’s body and she felt her monumental stomach bulge outward, adding a new roll, adding more fat, more blubber, more Etna. She’d taken it to eleven. Eleven times the size of Dawn. SMASH! There would be no defiance, no quippy remarks. A mountain cannot be mocked by a pebble. Now there would be fear- fear and respect. The next time she hit Dawn with her gargantuan gut, it would put her through a wall.

Amber was surprised by the rate of Dawn’s new intake. Since exchanging words with her sister, her dainty nibbling had become a rapid blur of non-stop ingestion. The massive lasagna was half gone when they returned, and Dawn was eating as fast as she could deliver the food to her mouth. Chewing seemed unnecessary for Dawn- as soon as she filled her mouth, it all went down in a single gulp. Never once did she see Dawn stop to catch her breath, nor did she ever deliver even the faintest little burp, hiccup, or gas pass- whereas to everyone’s dismay, with Etna’s consumption increasing in volume, so did the volume of her gastric orchestra as it played out the most horrible compositions. Even Dawn’s pretty little face remained unspoiled, there wasn’t a spec or a smudge to be seen on her face or lips. Anything and everything Dawn was able to get in, was apparently in for good. The lasagna soon gone, Lydia handed Dawn a towering glass of papaya juice. With both hands she held it high and tipped it to her mouth. In seconds it went down as swiftly as if she’d poured it into an open drain.

“Yum!” Dawn said in satisfaction, rubbing her engorged midsection. “A few years late, but I finally got my freshman fifteen.”

“This is impossible…“ Amber said skeptically as she gave Dawn’s swelling belly a poke of her own.

“Yeah, but it is happening and it’s great,” Dawn boasted with pride.

“I didn’t finish,” Amber clarified with urgency in her voice as a clatter at the opposite end of the room told of yet another victim claimed by Etna. “This is impossible, and it needs to happen faster. Etna’s a machine and you’re still the smallest one in the room.”

“Um.. does this…“ Holly inquired, reaching out, but not actually touching Dawn’s pregnant looking stomach, “… does this make sense?”

“In a way,” Dawn reassured the dumbfounded beauty, “it just makes a different kind of sense-best not to worry about it.”

“Oh… ok,” Holly nodded as she picked up a plate of deviled eggs off of a side table and offered it to her friend.

“Thanks,” Dawn said holding up an egg. “Such a nice shape,” she observed as she toasted her companions and said, “Here’s to the sophomore sixty.” With that, she began popping the eggs into her mouth in rapid succession as Lydia and Holly brought more food and drink to the ready.

Amber, still maintaining her grudge, received a gentle nudge from Holly.

“Fine, but I’m not serving her anything that isn’t vegan.”

With the help of her friends, Dawn’s caloric inhalation accelerated and the results were becoming increasingly clear. As Dawn filled up, her body steadily filled out. She was expanding like a huge loaf of heavily yeasted bread steadily filling out its pan. And as she ate, Dawn couldn’t help but try to take stock of her growth. Whenever she had a free hand she sent it down traversing her former flatlands to confirm her burgeoning changes- and each time she did it was readily apparent how much more of her the was that the last time. Dawn rubbed her knuckles along her sides and found they no longer played the familiar xylophone of rib bone- there was definitely some meat on her now. The baggy clothes she’d borrowed from Lydia were quickly becoming more and more form fitting. Her little potbelly had expanded and began encroaching around to her flanks. Pushing back against the seat, Dawn could feel her own back had become cushiony as it too began rounding out. Her thighs, hips, and ass all continued to plump nicely as well. Gone was the knobby collection of skin and bones she once reluctantly called a body. Now, everywhere Dawn touched was soft- soft, smooth, and so many wonderful kinds of curvy. And there was none softer, smoother, or more wonderful than her new breasts. Dawn clutched a boob as she simultaneously slurped endless strands of ramen and watched it grow beneath her spreading fingers. Her hand was filled as her flesh spread out from beneath her brassiere. A handful- A HANDFUL! The thought echoed in her head as if sung by a choir.

SLAP! Lydia swatted Dawn’s hand away- partly to keep her focused on the task at hand, but mostly for the sake of modesty.

“OW!” Dawn looked at her stinging hand and noticed no swelling. Her hand and its digits remained as dainty and nimble as ever. She could see her forearm was looking a bit pudgy, and her upper arms were definitely filling out the sleeves. Reaching up to her face, Dawn was happy to still count one chin and her neck seemed no less slender. Her extremities spared meant that everything was going where she wanted it most. Dawn’s hand was again drawn down by the gravitational pull of her magnifying bust. Further and further it swelled in her grasp- more than her little hand could hold. So many new and intense feelings titillated Dawn’s senses. It was all so much for Dawn to take in, and there was still the promise of more on the way. Bigger and bigger. Dawn was in heaven.

SLAP! Lydia’s second strike came about more forcefully and was paired with a look of pure embarrassment.

Dawn tried to focus, but she was conflicted. She wanted to grow, and she wanted to win- both of which required eating as much as she could, as fast as she could- but Dawn also wanted to enjoy her dream come true. It just couldn’t be helped- growing felt so much better than she had imagined, and she’d imagined it being toe-curling, heart fluttering, mind-numbingly amazing. She just had to explore the developments amassing beneath her filling shirt and pants, decorum be damned. In a matter of minutes Dawn had progressed from finally having something worth mentioning within her unmentionables to having something worth shouting about. Her bra was not only full, but it was fast becoming tight. The under-garment had gone from one meant to support and separate, to one that banded and restrained. Having never been put to any kind of test before, the brassiere was still good as new- so although its pair of tiny clasps had begun to strain, they were so far up to the task. But the night is young Dawn thought as she fondled her chest.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! An exasperated Lydia swatted away at her self-satisfied sister’s public and indecent display.

Dawn wasn’t sure why Lydia was being so prudish, she’d caught them all stealing glances at her wonderful metamorphosis. Dawn thought about excusing herself for a proper exploration, but remembered how that would result in a forfeit. Frustrated at not being able to properly enjoy herself she realized what still lay ahead, both in the night to come, and spread out before her. Perhaps Lydia was right, Dawn thought, maybe she should focus. Getting big was great, but getting so much bigger would be all the greater. Dawn was certain that she now outweighed her roommate and was close to surpassing her own sister. Holly seemed slim, but her selectively fatty areas and un-revealing outfits made her hard a one to judge. No matter- soon Dawn would exceed them all. Eventually she’d top even Etna. And why stop there? Her rate of growth was only increasing. Dawn felt unstoppable. She would defeat her bra, her clothes, and Etna. What’s best, she realized, nothing in her life had ever been so easy.

The more I eat, Dawn pondered as she hoisted a huge and heavily-stuffed calzone to her mouth, the bigger I get.

The more I drink, Dawn thought as she gulped down a carafe of heavy cream, the bigger I become.

Dawn watched as the great amount of feasting earned her steadily mounting results. She tried to sigh with contentment, but could only mimic the action. Watching how even her shallow breaths had a positive effect on her body, Dawn mused: however long this takes, even if I simply sit here and breath, I’ll still keep getting bigger… and bigger… and bigger.

But Dawn had no interest in growing idly so to help things along she grabbed a heavy glass of mango lassi with one hand, and a handful of fat samosas with the other.

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