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Red face Milfshakes (Part 2)


With Diana's business more successful than ever, she's happily living the dream she's always envisioned. Bimbo customers. A small-town community. Meaningful connections. What more could a girl ask for? But it isn't all paradise. Mayor Clifford is still on the rampage, determined to kick Diana out of her once-normal town and reclaim lost power. Not afraid to resort to desperate measures, Clifford makes life difficult for Diana, resulting in some unexpected changes along the way. It's huge boobs and curvy asses galore! With Clifford on the warpath, she drags Diana along with her, and the two buxom beauties ramp up for the most desperate struggle of their lives. What other unexpected twists and transformations await them in the battle for the town's soul?


Milfshakes is back with even more transformations than ever! In this action-packed-love-soaked sequel, catch up with Diana as her business takes the town by storm, turning it into bimbo central. With all of its citizens luscious and curvy, growing bigger by the day, this is an issue overflowing with all the eye candy you've been asking for. Growing boobs. Swelling asses. Promiscuous milfs. Diana's made herself the queen of libidos and is inviting you to her kingdom. Catch up on all the latest drama in her life. Feast your eyes on page after page of delicious divas. This is sure to be one issue you won't want to miss, so drink up on Milfshakes!

FREE preview of the comic here [no registration required]
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