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Collider: Heist (Part 2)


Carla, Alice, and Burke have been on plenty of dangerous heists–and they’ve been double-crossed their fair share too, but this Milfy CEO is on a whole other level. The three wake up in the midst of a raging sex party, where they’re the main course.

With the particles inside them, but not in their control, they find they are slaves to the whims of these party-goers. A bratty girl wants bigger boobs, a lusty couple wants a third (or fourth) to join the fun.

But that’s when it hits them. They don’t need to avoid using their powers, they need to ratchet their use up to 11! If they can stress their collars enough, they can free the powers of the growth particle. The only catch? Every time they use their powers, their captor gets larger herself. Soon they’ll be wading through a sea of writhing bodies to escape their giantess captor. All for the chance to unleash the particle’s true power!

But who will control it? Find out in this exciting issue of Collider Heist!


Collider Heist continues its delicious cat and mouse game in this new chapter. While you don’t need to have read the first chapter, it is equally sexy, so don’t miss out!

In chapter 2, we have a good dose of Milf-action, but also a wide range of participants in the growing fun! From a 20-something brat, to our thief heroes, to a curvaceous and domineering lover, there is no shortage of possibilities in this chapter. There is a heavier focus on giantess growth in this chapter, ranging into the 20-30 feet range. On top of that there’s breast expansion, ass expansion, cock expansion, cum-induced growth, muscle growth, and a sprinkling of bondage for good measure.

This sex club has everything you could ever desire–and the goal this time is to let it get out of control! Pick up your copy today to see what happens next in this wild ride.

FREE preview of the comic here [no registration required]
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