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Red face Motherís Love (Part 1)


An old Water Reservoir is re-opened by a Large Water Company. Unknowing to them, the water in it is tainted and distributed into water bottles. Soon enough, the women of the local area are now changing in BIG ways. Larger Breasts, Lactation, the works! What seems like a harmless mistake in the enhancement of the fairer sex, will soon become an issue so big, it won't be able to be contained!


RedAce350 makes his debut on BotComics with a banger! Directly from the Ideas section comes the new series Mother's Love, packed with our favorite kinks. The good old breast expansion, plenty of breast milk, gorgeous growing milfs, and much more. Tune in and discover how big these milfs can get after they drink the tainted water bottles that are being distributed all across the country.

FREE preview of the comic here [no registration required]
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