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In the last chapter, out of the blue, an elite group of soldiers kidnaped Pam and Eve away. Now, our well-endowed boys, David and Mike are desperately looking for answers. Who took Pam and Eve? Where did they take them?

Trying to make sense of all this, David and Mike go back to the suburbs to ask the Book Club gals for help. But to their surprise, Mrs. Harper and Mrs. Turner weren’t the only giantesses attacked in town. Now, all the Book Club girls are back to their normal size. How are they going to figure this out without the giantess muscle?


Mr. Harper & Mr. Turner #2 is finally here. Pam and Eve are now gone and our protagonists are desperately looking for answers. David and Mike return to the suburbs trying to make sense of all this, but more questions boil up when they find that Pam and Eve weren’t the only giantesses under attack that day. The Book Club girls are no longer giantesses, and whoever is doing these atrocious acts is surely onto something obscure.

Tune in and find out who took our beloved Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Harper. Be sure to hit the like button and comment down below your thoughts. We’re always happy to hear your feedback!

FREE preview of the comic here [no registration required]
Fantastic work! growing Milfs comics are so good and perfect!!
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