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Extra Life Charity Stream is LIVE!

Ever been in the hospital?

Sucks, doesn't it?

Well thankfully there's Extra Life, a charity that helps children's hospitals across the US afford all the things they need to keep their little patients healthy and happy. Today is the annual 24-Hour Gaming Marathon, and fellow expansion/inflation devotee :iconchuckmanx: is raising money for the Children's Hospital of Illinois, which has 132 beds serving more than 6,000 kids a year!

Hop on over to his Twitch Stream all day today to laugh, cringe, curse, and triumph along with him, and hey, if you're having a good time, or just want to do a good deed, CLICK HERE TO DONATE and help out the smallest and most vulnerable among us get through what will probably be the worst times of their lives just a little bit easier.

And don't feel bad if you can only give a dollar or whatever- it might seem like a pebble of support thrown into a lake of need, but a million stones can make a bridge across the waters, so every donation counts!
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