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Re: Yuna, 2 Polos Opuestos - Foro en espaņol para hablar sobre la historia

Synopsis of the story: Koichi is a 20-year-old man who is good at school, but does not have good luck with women. When he is not studying he spends all day at home locked in his room without leaving it. Until one day he receives a mysterious mail. A huge box where a girl called Yuna is hidden. Yuna is part of an experiment by Dr. Yoshito. Yuna is an 8 year old girl who likes to play and have fun. But when you take a pill invented by Dr. Yoshito, Yuna transforms into a 20-year-old woman by changing her personality completely. Koichi will have the opportunity of his life to know how a girl and a woman are at the same time. What will the future hold for Koichi and Yuna? Can Koichi take care of Yuna? Will there be a romance between the two of them? Discover it in this story full of moments of humor and spicy scenes.

Link to read the story:

Possible cartoonist to draw the story:

The story has content age progression and age regression because the effect of the pills is temporary in Yuna, and is temporarily adult, after the effect of the pill is passed, it is a girl again. On whether there will be changes with process, say that there will be, although for the moment the first transformation from Yuna to adult is by means of an explosion, in the manga there will be a detailed process of its transformation both as an adult, and as a child.

The story at the moment will be only in Spanish, but in the future it may be translated into English, Japanese, and French.

The history at the moment is free.

This forum serves to give you your feedback and how the story could continue when the writer runs out of ideas. We are going to tell you that you think the story.

If this issue does not comply with the rules of the forum, delete it. Without more to say I hope you enjoy the story. Greetings.
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