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Re: The Breast Expansion Story Club Updates

My experiences with the Expansion Fan site were mostly positive. they have a much more controlled roll out and editing process. The downside is a need to get expanded boobies on the page early, killing anticipation and making the comics feel rushed. A waste because with 15 pages an issue you can tell more complex stories than you can in the BESC's 10.

When you see the roughs of the artwork, you have time to adjust things that didn't translate from writer's brain to artist brain. When I see the finished pencils, I really get to see what stayed in my head and didn't make it to the paper, or didn't get emphasized well enough. That's generally when I give the dialogue a once-over to suit the artist's vision, insert a caption or two, and maybe re-attribute dialogue to a different character because they're on a better side of the panel or have more real estate around them for the speech bubble.

I'm colourblind so my input into the colouring checks aren't that useful, but I have had comics (though not at BESC or Fan) where characters were drawn too similarly and the colourist kept on mixing their hair colours, probably as confused as the rest of us, and confusing things worse. Even I could have caught that.
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