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Re: New WG/Nerd Ebook: From Nikki to Nerdy

Thank you for your feedback! I've started hiring an editor for my stories now, so hopefully typos will be less of an issue.

If you enjoy the intellectual component of the story, "Going Bananas" might be for you, that's a human to anthro transformation. It's both an ebook and an audiobook:

Originally Posted by farkas17 View Post
To T. F. Wright:

You wanted feedback on From Nikki to Nerdy, which I liked well enough to purchase From Zero to Xena and From Charlotte to Chavette. What’s refreshing is that you present characters, not just situations. Some transformation fans might want steamier scenes, but the warping of personality is almost as sexy, and in fact I also enjoyed the philosophical wrangling, which tied into the issue of whether what’s being done to Nikki is ethical. I also happen to think that smart is sensual, and the more Nikki turns into Nicola, the snappier her dialogue becomes.

Like Katsumend, who commented earlier, I think that Zeke’s reactions to the transformation could be a bit more realistic, but I understand that this is a fantasy. Tiny cavil: when Nicola comes into her own, big and bossy and eloquent, she’d probably bark at Zeke to lie on the bed, not lay on it. Anyone capable of saying, “Don’t wimp out and use a cautious euphemism,” has a keen ear for language. And yes, fix the typos, though good writing isn’t all about proper spelling.

I see that you’ve written a slew of transformation stories. I’ll check out some more. (I used to publish BBW and giantess fiction as Aaron Farkas.)
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