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Re: Blueberry: If She Doesn't Come, She'll Explode

Chapter 2 of Juicy is out now!

Filling with juice, unable to stop, Viola's only hope is a little alone time to ease the pressure.

Too bad she's just been kidnapped.

Now, sitting in an empty cabin in the middle of the woods, tied to a chair, in the middle of a snowstorm, Viola has turned bright blue. The juice is overloading her body, swelling her, blowing her up, enhancing her curves and plumping her limbs. Can Viola escape somehow and juice herself before it's too late?

Pre-order here:

...and don't forget to check out chapter one here:
She smiled. ...The fragrant breeze drifted up from the sea again. A magician wandered along the beach, but no one needed him.
-Douglas Adams

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