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Re: Concert in a Minor Key - Shrink Fan Comics

Originally Posted by mtshrink View Post
I resubscribed for this and was really disappointed. There are one or two decent shots but i found the rest to be meh. I do not like how these comics are segmented. Real comics tell a story in the brief few pages they get. This is really a first chapter of a story and not mini stories going thought a full arc, and I think that's what I find most disappointing about the shrink fan comics recently. I would love if shrink fan had more releases that were complete story arcs in 1 issues and they would stop leaving every comic with a cliffhanger. It's getting really overused and old in your comics.
I agree, there should be a few short (no pun intended) stories contained in a single comic chapter. The Suzy and Frank series for example, used the same characters but every release was different from the next with no connection so every chapter could be a self contained story.
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