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Big, Busty, Blind Blonde - Nurse Nessa

Nurse Nessa is ready to download!

What do you get when you mix an unstable growth-inducing virus, an accident-prone woman, and a missing pair of glasses? A recipe for disaster! Read all about it in our newest release: Nurse Nessa!

Synopsis: Nurse Nessa is inadvertently exposed to a mutant strain of a growth virus, which makes her grow to a colossal size. Unfortunately, her glasses donít grow with her... and her continuing growth creates bigger and bigger problems!

Release Date: November 28th, 2020
Written By: Mac Rome
Artwork By: Hmage
Tags: giantess, slow growth, unaware, boob crush, clothes ripping, shoes ripping, outgrowing room, outgrowing building, destruction, mega giantess, breast expansion, science

Issue Link: Nurse Nessa

Download this comic and every other in our catalog with a single 1-month membership to!

ALSO: What did you think about Nurse Nessa? Let us know your feedback to help us improve!
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