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Now that the team of Gaias has been bolstered by three new members, word is beginning to spread across the Confederation of Planets that real hope exists. Even as her powers grow and her team becomes more adept, she and Vic must still deal with the politics of societies alien to her and Vic and the bureaucracy of the military they work with. Lori's and Vic's relationship is put to the test as women line up to meet him, desperate to become a Gaia.

Lori leads her team to a remote planet to help the GCF establish a much needed base to bolster the war effort. However, all is not what it seems to be on this quiet, desolate planet. A sinister plot is uncovered, a new friend may have questionable motives and more fighting breaks out.

This book is told from both Lori's and Vic's POV.

This is a continuation of the Gaia Ambition series. It is an erotic tale that contains breast expansion, mini-GTS, science fiction, MG, WG and MF, FF, MFF, FF intercourse.

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