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Re: Tina Makes Sharon Tiny. Well, Actually, Sharon Makes Sharon Tiny.

^^ Thank you! >_<

Part 2. << may need a little editing>>

Sharon sat quietly in the stall, feeling conflicted about all that had happened. She felt a little woozy and, well, still horny. But she also felt very embarrassed about having a spontaneous orgasm in front of her old friend, even know Tina expected it. And she felt a little disappointed that she didn't get to her height goal. But then - Sharon also felt a little excited and antsy.

She waited 5 minutes and then got up and stepped lightly out of the stall and over to the ladies room door and inched it open and peaked out. With the alarm off, seeing and hearing no sign of anyone, even Ted, she thought, maybe she should try to just leave, before she went crazy. So she adjusted her slightly loose clothing, pulling up her stockings and her skirt, tightening the lab coat, and walked carefully in her slightly loose flats down the hall past all the empty cubicles. As she past Tina's lab, she stopped dead. Trembling, Sharon reached out her hand and tested the door handle. It – opened.

A sudden rush welled up in her as she looked around and slid into the lab. She pushed the door closed and it clicked shut. She hesitated a moment, and then turned the lock on the door. It was now locked.

“Ohhh-kay,” she thought. “I'll just take one more little dose of the medicine, lose another inch or so, and then get out of here. Yeah, that's not so bad. I'm not going to go crazy here.”

She glanced around the lab and zeroed her focus on the jar on the far table. She found herself strutting over to the jar, swinging her hips as she walked, getting a little excited. She looked at her chest as she realized her nipples were getting very hard and she felt a little weak kneed.

Gulping, and wondering if she WAS actually in control of herself or losing it, she carefully opened the jar and spooned up about a quarter of a spoonful of the blue gel. “Is this enough?” she whispered to herself. “I think it's a lot less than Tina gave me.”

She bit her lip, as she sat herself down in the high back chair again. She stared at the “medicine” that would make her just a little smaller, but maybe a lot more orgasmic. Then she slowly slid the spoon into her mouth and sucked the blue gel off. Again, an explosion of warm tingles ran all over her body, her mouth, her lips, her neck, her belly, her inner thighs, her legs, her feet, and then a million little tongues were licking her all over, but concentrating on her hard nipples and her clit and her almost gushing pussy. She moaned loudly, as she was also slightly conscious of the chair seeming to move and expand around her. Again, the room seemed to jump a little bigger as she collapsed a little more into herself. Though she used less gel, her orgasm was even stronger this time, and she felt her body bucking, her pussy twitching, and her stomach spasming and contracting. It was the most insanely powerful orgasm she ever had.

After collapsing and resting for a moment, feeling a few minor orgasmic aftershocks, Sharon grinned and opened her eyes to glance at her watch and realized it was very loose on her arm, almost ready to fall off. She looked down at her clothes and at her feet and she saw the sleeves on the lab coat covered half her hands. Her stockings were very wrinkled and baggy and when she moved her foot, her shoe started to slide off.

It was almost 25 minutes since the alarm and no one was around yet, but she was more worried about her new height. She slid off the chair, stepped out of her black flats and dashed over to the measuring wall. After almost tripping on her stockings, she backed herself up against the wall, and put her finger at her height and she twisted to look back keeping her finger in place and gasped.

She was 5'3” tall.

“OH NO! What have I done? - That was over six inches. With less gel.”

Sobbing, she suddenly felt another orgasmic after shock. “MmmMMm” she moaned, and suddenly felt much better. She blinked a few times and then told herself, “Oh it's fine. I'll just wear heels or platforms and tell everyone I got shorter heels, because I was feeling so dizzy,” she giggled.

“Well I better get out of here. Where the hell is everyone? It's like a half hour since the drill.”

As she clumsily walked back to the door, she glanced back to the blue potion, and felt another little orgasmic contraction. “mmmMMmm.” “Ummmm, maybe I better make sure I closed the lid and make sure everything is as I found it.” she thought.

Again, she sashayed back to the gel and looked down at it. She eyed the table and realized it looked wider and taller. But, the lid was loose on the thing so she tried to close it. It was misthreaded so she was going to have to unscrew it off and then put it back on. But as she got the lid off, which was hard, a little of the gel gushed over the side and dropped on the table. A drop, slid off and landed on Sharon's right big toe. “Oh, I better clean this up. I don't want - “

Suddenly the gel was absorbed through her stockings into her foot and into her body. Sharon froze a moment as she placed the jar down somehow, the tingles returned stronger again. The million tongues were quickly licking up her legs, as her stockings sagged even more. She braced herself against the table she started humping the air and screaming in pleasure. She felt the table getting taller. She felt her hosiery and the floor under her feet move out in all directions, and she felt pleasure more strongly than ever before. She collapsed on the ground and had another shrink spurt, as her clothes seemed to expand slightly more around her.

After a few more aftershocks, and maybe a tiny bit more shrinking, Sharon recovered. She struggled to stand and thought, “Help! I shrank and I can't get up.” She forced a meager grin. But she managed to get on her two smaller feet and look around. She looked down and realized she lost her watch and her rings. Her skirt and stockings had puddled at her feet and her feet and legs were covered with sweat and her juices. Her drenched panties then joined them. She let the now giant labcoat fall and let her pink top cover her like a night shirt. "Uh guess it was lucky I wasn't wearing a bra?" Then she stumbled over to the the measuring wall and checked. She was 4'3” “Oh God! I lost a whole foot of height! My life is ruined. I can never go back to work like this! I'm a – pigmy!”

But then, she had another orgasmic contraction, and steadied herself. After a moment, she took a breath. “Wait,” she thought. “If they have shrink tech here, certainly they have growth tech! Hell, I might as well, shrink a little more. No No NO! I should just wait in the chair for Tina.”

So she sat in the chair. It wasn't too high yet. She waited and waited.

“Maybe there really was a fire,” she began to think. “Damn! Maybe they all died trying to get out.”

“Wait. Why don't I just text her?”

So she looked around the lab and found her awkwardly large feeling phone in the pocket of the over sized lab coat and saw she had messages.

Tina had texted -
“Sharon SRY SRY Theyre having some issues with unlocking the main door to let us back in. Hang tight. They say it might take a while.”

JC Penny's had texted -
“Special Deal 25% off at Sephora. Hurry! Today only!”

Sharon sighed. She looked down at the open gel jar.

After staring for a while, she thought, “well, just one more little shrink. My life is a mess anyway. She took the spoon and managed to get a small drop on the spoon.

Wearing nothing but her pink top, she backed her naked ass into the chair, and licked the drop. Again, she was in an orgasmic shrinking trance as she trembled, convulsed, screamed, and shrank. Her top expanded on her again, it's neck showing more and more cleavage. Her feet lifted off the floor and her head descended down the back of the chair. Inch by inch, smaller and smaller.

When she finally hopped down off the chair, and measured herself, she had lost another foot, even with the small drop.

Now she was scared.

<< Phew! More soon! You should see MY chair right now. Ha >>
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