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A Little Getaway

A group of four friends seek relaxation and fun in a remote cabin over a long weekend. Bree is hoping that her best friends, Ryleigh and Tessa can put past conflict behind them and that they can become close once again. Anthony is hoping to finally be able to express his love of Tessa but is also distracted by the beauty that Bree and Ryleigh possess. He is unaware of the strange power hidden within his family's property and his fantasies become real when the three women become amorous with each other and their bodies begin to change. How will they cope with these new developments and will they resolve their differences and repressed feelings even in their new fantastic bodies?

This story features women who experience BE and then shrink to about a foot in height, yet their boobs remain full size. There is MF, FF and MFFF intercourse in all stages of sizes as well as minor insertion, smothering and stretching.

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