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Re: Gaia Ambition

Lori's dreams of changing her body into what she believes will be a better version of herself are superseded by the possibility of another Athena who already meets those traits just waiting to be discovered. Getting back to Earth and finding her becomes a top priority for the team. However, the Curators make another push in overrunning their still vulnerable base and bring new tactics designed specifically for battling the Gaias.

A new Adept arrives and makes a monumental change to two of the Gaias and Lori faces adversity from her team for her planned course of action.

Merjuna has her chance to prove herself in battle. Gynelle displays her growing abilities and prowess.

Lori and Vic make the trip home and realize things will be very difficult in their mission to warn the people of Earth, find the new Athena, and make peace with the world they left behind.

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