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Year of the Snake

Year of the Snake

She'd been dreading this event for years, half her life in fact. It was time for her curse to manifest once again. It had been twelve years since it had last happened, twelve years of normalcy. This year would be different, every full moon this year would be a little taste of hell. She tried to remind herself that it wouldn't happen again for another twelve years. Last time she was just a kid, it didn't impact her life that much that year. No job, no social obligations, plus her parents had helped her through it. But now she was an adult, 24 years old and living alone, she'd have to get through this year of hell on her own.

Tonight, Julia would become a snake.

The sun was already beginning to set as she made her way down into the basement of her home. She'd lived alone her for several years now, taking time every so often to work on setting up a special room for this occasion. At the very least this curse's timing was predictable. She knew what year it was going to happen, and on what nights during that year. She'd had plenty of time to prepare for it, at least physically, emotionally however she knew she'd never be ready. How could anyone actually ready themselves mentally to transform into an animal? Knowing their very essence would twist and warp into an entirely different being that they had no control over. It was maddening to think about, so she tried as often as she could to push it from her mind. Instead she focused on the physical aspect of it. She built a small room in her basement that she could hide in while she transformed, remain in all night, and let herself out of in the morning. The most important feature of it though in her mind was that it be hidden from anyone else. She'd made the entrance look like part of the surrounding wall, and it had no windows that anyone could peek into. Though even without windows, with no moonlight flooding the room, she would still change, there would be no stopping it.

"Okay" she said to herself as she pushed open the secret doorway into the hidden room. She inhaled deeply. "It's going to be okay, Julia. You've done this a dozen times before."

While true, those dozen times were also a dozen years ago. It went without saying that she was out of practice for this event. Luckily, it was an automatic process that she couldn't actually screw up even if she'd tried to. Also unluckily, it was an automatic process that she couldn't stop even if she'd tried to. She'd laugh at the thought if the first pains of her transformation hadn't just begun.

"Ungh!" she wrapped her arms around her midsection as the process started. The pain ebbed slightly, allowing her time to flip on the light switch beside the doorway. The room filled with bright white light, displaying the bare walls and floor of what would for the remainder of the night be her cage. She quickly closed the door and slid the bolt lock into place.

"Nngh!" she grunted as the pain returned with a vengeance. Sweat began to drip from her face, and caused her long brown hair to stick to her forehead. It was odd she thought, that her body would heat up like this when in a few minutes she would be cold blooded.

She remembered vaguely the transformations from years ago, and how they were never the same twice. She had no way of predicting what the transformation would be like, only that it would be painful. She'd worn only a loose t-shirt and plain white panties for tonight since they'd be easy to get out of regardless of how the transformation itself decided to take place.

"Uh.. ooh... umm." Her head was spinning now, making her woozy and causing her to lose balance. She nearly collapsed but caught herself against the wall with one hand for support. As her vision cleared she looked to her other hand, holding it before her eyes she saw her nails drop off one by one. The same thing happened to her toenails at the same time though she didn't notice. This part wasn't painful at least, but almost everything else would be.

Julia lowered herself to the floor as there was no sense in trying to remain upright, she tried to remain practical even now. Half lying on her side, propped up by one arm, she watched as long strands of her hair began to fall to the floor. First single strands, then large clumps until her scalp was completely bare. She ran a finger along her eyebrows, the small hairs fell away as well. She blinked several times causing her lashes to fall out and join the rest of her bodily hair on the floor. Had she not shaved her pubic hair regularly they too would have come out, though been caught the panties she was still wearing. So she was glad she'd kept that area hairless at all times, one less mess to worry about cleaning up later.

Pain was returning now, though the heat from before was dieing down. She figured it must have been her body chemistry changing, she could no longer warm her own blood from within. Her sweat glands had stopped functioning as well, though she was covered in moisture that soaked through her white t-shirt and caused it to cling to her curves, she could produce not a drop more. A chill ran through her body as the mammalian warmth left her. Her nipples hardened, stiff against the wet fabric of her shirt. These mammalian features would vanish soon as well. She reached up with one hand to cup a breast and squeeze it slightly. It was tender, and softer than normal, yielding to the slight pressure she applied all too easily. In her grasp she could feel it shrinking away, the nipple no longer stiff and losing sensation rapidly. 12 years ago she didn't have these to lose, but now it was a bizarre aspect of the transformation she'd never undergone before.

While she very much would have liked to explore her transforming breast tissue a while longer, her curiosity would have to wait as another wave of pain washed over her body. This time the bones in her legs began to ache intensely. She looked back to them and watched as they began to visibly shorten. The aching grew stronger and suddenly a loud crack echoed against the bare walls of the room. Another crack and another, each softer than the one before as the bones became smaller and weaker each time. Soon her legs were useless and insensate. She could only watch helplessly as they receded into her body and vanished.

"That wasn't so bad I guess. Ungh!" she spoke too soon as her hips tightened and popped, the pelvic bones beginning to break down causing her curves to collapse inward. The lower half of her long t-shirt hung empty as from the waist down she seemed to have disappeared. Leaning back, resting on her elbows she looked down at where her hips had once been and frowned. Those had been some of her best features. She dragged herself backwards a short distance and observed her now empty panties slipping out from under her long shirt. They too were soaked in cold sweat.

She fell flat on her back as her arms suddenly became numb and immobile. Turning her head to one side she could see the limb thinning and shortening. She was thankful the nerves had stopped working before the bones began to break down. In retrospect this had so far been one of her least painful transitions. Though she knew the limbs were far from the worst part. She stared up at the featureless ceiling as her useless arms vanished into her short sleeves. The real pain would soon begin.

"Almost done, just gotta tough out this last bit and.. and.. AH GOD!" she screamed, interrupting her own pep-talk as the final and most painful stages began. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as she began to hyperventilate. The nearly transparent shirt became looser as her breasts dwindled to nothing beneath it, the darker circles of her nipples fading into her skin as well until her chest was entirely flat and featureless. Ribs popped and cracked as they shrank, but none of them disappeared, instead they multiplied. Her spine began to extend, stretching her body with it, making it thinner and longer. A long tail still wrapped in pale human flesh convulsed across the floor, swaying back and forth beneath the nearly empty t-shirt. She pitched left, then right, and finally rolled over onto her stomach to get into her final position.

Lying flat on her belly, nearly naked, completely hairless, and with only her human head remaining she cringed and moaned as the bones in said head began to compress. Her ears quickly shrank and sealed over while her lips thinned and their color faded. She spat out all her teeth and ran her now longer thin tongue over her gums as she felt her new fangs forming. The moaning ceased as her vocal cords withered to nothing, only a hissing sound could be produced at this point. Her lower jaw cracked and broke in half, the stinging pain causing her to hiss loudly though she'd scream and cry if she still could. Her tear-ducts and eyelids had already vanished while a thick membrane grew to replace them.

She could feel her skull tightening around her brain, squeezing out her thoughts and memories as it forced her mind into a smaller and smaller space. Brown and yellow scales formed across every inch of her body, now only 5 feet long. Her small scaly face stretched forward into a snort reptilian snout and lastly her brown eyes turned yellow. The transformation was complete, the human woman known as Julia was gone, only a small Ball Python remained and slithered it's way out of the over-sized white t-shirt. It would explore the boundaries of the small hidden room until dawn and the whole transformation would reverse itself until next month.
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