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Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Old traditions dictate that when no treats are given on Halloween night, a trick must be performed as punishment. Over the years the tricking custom was lost, the threats now all idle for the most part. No normal person would expect a punishment, no normal child would hand one out. However, this was no normal Halloween, and these were no normal children.

8:15 PM -October 31st ~Campbell Residence~

The flicker of the big screen TV illuminated the otherwise dark living room. A young woman relaxes on the couch, laying stretched across it's cushions as she enjoys an old horror film. She brushes a lock of red hair behind her ear as a man on screen wielding a chainsaw chases a busty blonde through a corn field. The man catches up to the woman, raises his weapon above his head as he prepares to deliver a killing blow-

Ding Dong!

She sits up with a start, looking away from the screen to the door across the room. She had visitors.

"Ugh. Damn kids. I thought they'd all be in bed by now." the redhead gets up from her comfy couch and drags her feet in protest at this disturbance.

This was her least favorite holiday. It wasn't because of the children ringing her doorbell at all hours of the night, they were annoying to be sure, but the reason was deeper. All throughout her childhood she'd been teased because of her name, Candy, 'what a stupid name' she'd often thought. Back in school at this time of year the other children would joke that she was made of candy and that she should be careful no one tried to eat her that night. She would roll her eyes at them and sink lower at her desk. It was only one day at year, but it was every year, and it got tiresome.

"I'm coming, just a sec." she called to the visitors outside her door as she marched slowly and reluctantly to greet them.

Just before she opened the door she noticed the empty bowl on the table. She sighed briefly. How could she have forgotten to switch the porch light off when the candy had run out? The children will be disappointed now. 'oh well' she thought 'better make this quick I guess'.

She opened the door, and gave her best 'I'm sorry, kids' face as three young voices called out in unison-

"Trick or Treat!"

- while holding their festive plastic bags out expectantly.

"Sorry" was the first thing to come to mind "I forgot to turn off the light when I ran out earlier. It's all gone kids, sorry."

They looked at each other, then back to her. "Are you sure there's no more, Candy?"

The way they said that caused a chill to run up her spine. It wasn't 'are you sure there's no more candy?' it was clearly her name they tagged onto the end of the question, that brief pause before 'Candy' was unsettling. No, she must have misheard.

"Candy, are you sure there's no more?"

No, she heard correctly the first time. They were calling her by name. Who were these kids? She tried to play it off, maybe their parents put them up to it.

"Sorry, I'm the only Candy here, and I won't fit in those bags." she smiled and began to close the door slowly. Giving an awkward and nervous smile as she did so.

"Not yet you won't." they said in unison.

She stopped again, startled by what she'd heard. One of them grabbed the edge of the door and kept it from closing, another quickly followed and together they forced it from her grip. She tried to step back as one of them grabbed her wrist, but she was too slow and they started to pull her towards the group. 'Surprisingly strong for a child' she might have thought if her mind wasn't frozen in fear in that instant.

"You didn't give us a treat, now you get a trick. Those are the rules your ancestors agreed upon." the three small costumed figures spoke as one.

She hadn't paid much attention until now, but the masks they wore seemed quite old. They were made of thick wood, carved crudely into frightening skulls. Time had eaten away at them, the wood was rotten in places. Beneath the rotten wood, behind the mask she thought she caught a glimpse of bleached white bone. It was too dark and happened too fast for her to be sure. In a matter of a second she'd noticed the ugly masks and pulled free of the child's grip, though it seemed like she was being held for ages. Her arm felt cold where they'd touched her, ice cold.

Without another word she yanked away from them and slammed the door shut, locking both it and the deadbolt soundly in place. Catching her breath she stood by the door, chest heaving, hands shaking in fear. What had just happened, she wondered, was that a prank?

"The door won't save you. It's too late. Our bags will be filled with Candy tonight." they emphasized it again, 'Candy'.

It was her name they'd said again. They intended to put her in those tiny bags? 'As if' she thought to herself and was about to roll her eyes at the notion just like all those years ago in school. But then-


-she heard a strange sound. Something small and hard and hit the floor by her feet. She looked down to see what it was and the sound repeated twice more in quick succession. One of the objects rolled under the door and outside onto the porch.

"That's a start. But we want it all, Candy" the voices spoke from just outside the door.

It was a piece of candy that rolled under the door? But where did it come from? She hadn't dropped any, she didn't have any to drop. Several more hit the floor as she pondered their origin. Another hit her arm on it's way to the floor, she saw it then clearly, an M&M. She reached up to her head with both hands, feeling her hair. Had they fallen from her hair? Were there some on the couch and she'd laid in them without realizing it? She felt nothing there at first, but after a moment she noticed her fingers felt sticky. Maybe some had melted in her hair and the rest fell out?

"What is this, I don't even.." she said aloud and confused as she looked at her fingers, sticky with a pink residue.

'M&Ms aren't pink' she realized and reached into her hair again, pulling out a thick clump of something this time. Learning what it was didn't dispel her fear in the least, it only amplified it. Cotton candy, her head was covered in it. She fumbled about her scalp with both hands, trying in vain to find any of her hair in that sticky pink mess. All her hands met with was a thick mop of fluffy pink cotton, it dissolved slightly from her body heat and stuck to her fingers.

"This isn't real!" she shouted in a denial.

Her fear caused her to sweat profusely now, and what followed was a symphony of clacks and clicks at her feet as more M&Ms cascaded around her and echoed off the hardwood floors. She looked down and watched a bead of sweat drip from her face and become a piece of hard shelled candy before it touched the floor. It clacked off the wood and bounced toward the door. Her hair, her sweat, it was becoming candy. She was becoming candy! She hated her name even more now than she ever thought possible.

Backing away from the door, from the growing clutter of M&Ms on the floor, she tried to escape her fate. She saw the stairs that lead to the second floor as she spun away from the door, and without a moments thought she proceeded to climb them. As she got about halfway up the stairs one of her ankles gave out causing her to trip forward onto the stairs. She caught herself with her hands, the sudden movement caused several beads of sweat to fall from her body and clack loudly on the stairs as hard candies. They clacked down and down the stairs onto the first floor with the rest of them. As she tried to stand again her ankle once more gave out, this time for good. She heard another chorus of clacks as hard objects poured down the stairs. Looking back she saw their source. Her sock lay on the step below her, empty now as a mass of what appeared to be 'jaw-breakers' had spilled out from it. Her right foot was gone, and slowly, bit by bit, her leg was vanishing as pieces of flesh and bone somehow converted into hard spheres of candy and dropped away from her.

"No.." she whispered weakly.

As she stared down her left foot became numb and went limp, it refused to move. A moment later it, and the sock she'd been wearing, fell from her body. Just as before hard candies rolled down the stairs from the opening in the sock. She stared in shock as pieces slowly fell from both her legs now, becoming solid balls of sugar and bouncing down the stairs with loud clacks. She was losing mass at a startling rate and she knew within minutes there would be nothing left of her.

"No!" she shrieked at the stop of her lungs as reality came crashing down on her.

"Don't do this to me! I don't want to fucking die like this! Not like this!" she looked away from the empty socks and remains of her legs and resumed her climb up the stairs. The climb was difficult without her feet, but as her legs continued to disappear her overall weight decreased and the task became progressively easier. She did not take any comfort in that. She whimpered sadly as she reached the top of the stairs and caught a glimpse of her jeans lying on the floor behind her, empty. Her panties could be seen hanging out from the opening in the top of her jeans, just as empty. She didn't dare lift her shirt to look at what was left, or think about what was gone. Instead she dragged what was left of herself across the narrow hall at the top of the stairs towards a closed door.

"I'll be safe in there. They won't find me." she told herself, nearly hysterical with fear now. Her words hoarse and unconvincing. She reached up for the doorknob with her right hand while propping her remaining torso up with her left. It was a stretch but she just got her hands around the knob to begin to turn it when she froze. Her wide eyes fixed on her right hand above her as the skin began to bubble and shapes formed under it. Those shapes soon became clearer, oblique triangles. She didn't have time to question what that meant before her hand suddenly burst open as a mass of candy corn which rained down on her face. Her lonely wrist now pointed up toward the doorknob and tiny pieces of candy continued to drop from it at a slow pace. Before she could say a word she slipped from her awkward reaching pose and found herself face down on the floor.

"Huh? What now?"

A quick glimpse at her left wrist, minus the hand answered that question. With a tear filled sob she rolled over onto her back as both her arms dissolved into piles of candy corn on either side of her. Now limbless, and basically only an upper torso and head she began to hyperventilate on the floor. Her cotton candy hair stuck to the hardwood floor slightly, leaving a pink residue as she tossed her head back and forth in protest.

A long creaking sound from downstairs alerted her that the front door had been opened. She could hear footsteps on the floor, approaching the steps and then starting up them. She could do nothing but sob softly to herself now as the children approached her with their empty bags. Bags they would soon fill with pieces of what had once been her lovely body. She looked down to her chest and watched the shape of it change dramatically. Her once tight bra suddenly became loose, ridiculously so as her once firm breasts changed within it. She couldn't see what was happening directly as her dark blue t-shirt blocked her view but within moments she could see pieces of candy pouring from under the shirt as it deflated. Then, almost comically two caramel covered apples rolled out, her former breasts. She would have laughed but she no longer had lungs.

The children reached the top of the steps just before the end of Candy's bizarre transformation. They looked down at her face as it sank into the opening of her shirt, pieces of candy pooling around it as they separated from her head. While at the same time she stared back up at them from the floor, looking into the empty eyes of their masks as her point of view got lower and lower. Eventually the fabric of her shirt rose into her line of sight and obstructed her view of those frightening children. It was a small mercy, to not have them be the last thing she saw. A dark blue curtain pulled itself over her world as she disappeared into her clothes. Nothing was left but a pile of various candy treats and her once form fitting attire.

The children picked up her clothes and shook them, more bits of candy rained from inside the shirt, the bra fell out as well. They picked up every little piece of Candy they found from the front door to the second floor and left the clothing behind. They giggled to themselves quietly as they exited through the front door, it closed behind them on it's own. The house lay silent and empty, on the big screen in the living room the movie had concluded unnoticed "The End" displaying on the screen.
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