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Late Shift

Late Shift

It was 3:00 p.m when Kate's alarm clock woke her. Sleepily she reached over to silence it with the snooze button. It was time to get up and ready herself for another hellish night. The sun would set in five hours and her horrible transformation would begin shortly after. It was just that time of the month, the full moon was preparing to rise in about two hours time, but as long as the sun was still shining it held the wolf at bay.

To add to her misfortune, she also had to work tonight. She was hoping her work schedule and the full moon would not intersect this month, but sadly they had. So had no choice but to call her boss to inform him that she'd be unavailable. It had happened a few times before, forcing her to fake sick and miss her scheduled work shift. This time should have been no different, however...

"No, you can't have the night off. I don't care if you've caught a cold, or the flu, or even the plague. There's no one to cover your shift tonight. If you don't come in, you're fired." her boss, Carl, announced angrily over the phone after she'd tried to call in 'sick'.

"Are you sure? You tried Jeff and Steve already?" she asked hopefully.

"They're both out of town for some dumb concert. They let me know over a week ago, so they're clear. But you Missy, you'd better get your ass in gear, and just tough out your little bug for the night. It ain't gonna kill you to work with the sniffles for eight hours. So get moving." he said before hanging up.

She knew there would be no reasoning with him. He wasn't the most patient or understanding employer. But she had to put up with him to keep her job. Working nights alone was the only way she could get by after the incident two years ago. The incident had left her scarred for life, in more ways than one.

It was an ordinary camping trip in the forest with some friends. Everything was going great, she and her friends were having a good time, until nightfall. Once the sun set everything went to hell, and her life was never the same. Some huge animal tore through their camp, and through her friends. She was the only survivor of the attack, but she didn't escape unscathed. The beast had swiped it's claws across the left side of her face, leaving horrible scars and taking her left eye entirely. The authorities said it had to have been a bear that wandered in after smelling the food they'd cooked. She would have liked that to be true, but it wasn't.

It was a werewolf. No one would believe her story, so she kept it to herself. She pretended to believe the story about it being a bear that ruined her life, pretended she never saw the real creature, pretended to have been knocked out cold by the attack but she saw it all. Mostly she just pretended to be human these days. But she knew better, she had become the same type of creature every full moon since. She had no control over it, and no memory of what she'd done those nights.

She avoided social interaction as much as possible these days. Apart from being self conscious about her scar and missing eye, she also didn't want anyone to get hurt on those nights when she wasn't herself.

In her basement she'd set up a large steel cage with thick bars and a combination lock. She could lock herself in before she changed and let herself out in the morning. It had worked for the most part, there had only been a few nights that she'd transformed outside the cage. She could only hope that no one had been harmed by her bestial side on those few occasions, though she had no way of ever knowing for sure.

She arrived at work on time, a few hours before sunset. Working as a late night janitor had it's advantages. It afforded her the opportunity to work alone and in the dark. No one would see her disfigured face, the face that was once so beautiful. She kept her black hair long and let it cover the left side of her face at all times. A glass false eye took the place of her original, though it never looked right to her. Her boss at least never brought up the scars or asked what happened. He may have lacked patience, but he at least had the tact to never mention the scars in her presence.

Unloading her cleaning equipment from the back of her plain white van she made her way into the empty office building. It was ten floors high with a basement and sub-basement. Plenty enough work to keep one person occupied for eight hours. Unfortunately she would only be a person for the next three of those hours. As she adjusted the zipper of her plain gray coveralls she wondered how quickly she could remove these should the worst happen tonight. As she dressed for work earlier she'd decided to wear very little underneath her work clothes, just in case. A simple pair of white panties was all she had on beneath the suit. She wasn't wearing a bra, not even socks insider her work boots, which she'd kept loose so she could slip out of them without fumbling with the laces.

As she closed the back of the van one might have seen a heavy iron chain with manacles bolted to the floor of the vehicle. One wouldn't have seen the bag of spare clothes she'd kept stashed under the front passenger seat, just in case. She hoped she could make it back here before sunset to secure herself for the night. It wouldn't be the first time she'd had to resort to such measures. She would clean as much as she could in the next three hours and then rush to the van. Hopefully her boss would understand her having to leave early so long as most of the work was done, but she'd worry about that later.

Kate entered the building through the front lobby using her work keys. Despite missing a late shift every few months when it clashed with her lunar schedule she was still a well trusted employee. All the regular employees had gone home for the night and there was no security. She was utterly alone, just the way she preferred to be these days. She began her task by sweeping the floor of the lobby, then wiping down counters, later cleaning the windows. This task was repeated on the next few floors.

The elevator made it easy to move all her cleaning equipment between floors. She'd spent quite some time in this elevator over the last two years. Seeing the same brown carpet, the same brown wall panels that were made to look like wood. Always the same metal doors, she'd polished them so often they were practically like a mirror. Her reflection shown on the clean metal surface would sometimes cause her grief. Occasionally she would catch a glimpse of the scarred left side of her face, or a glance from her glass eye. It didn't move right she always noticed, it wasn't the right color either, just a slightly darker shade of brown than her own natural eye. She adjusted the locks of black hair over the ruined side of her face to keep it hidden from view. Even all alone like this she didn't want her disfigurement to be showing.

Stepping off the elevator onto the eight floor Kate set up her vacuum to begin cleaning the carpeted office area. This grayish blue carpet occupied most of the floor with the exception of the 'break room' which only had more tile like the lower floors. One of her friends used to work in an office building like this. Vanessa was her name, she was in customer service, answering calls all day long. If not for the attack she'd probably still be doing that. Kate wished she and Vanessa could have spent many long boring years answering phones in an office like this. Sitting at desks, sipping coffee in the break room and complaining about how much costumers sucked. But sadly it wasn't to be, Vanessa had been in the cold ground for two long years, at least what they found of her. And Kate herself was cursed in such a way that she could never live a normal life like that. It brought a tear to her good eye to think of what might have been.

Several hours later Kate found herself on the top floor still sweeping up as the sun began to set. She noticed the first signs of her impending transformation before she saw the dark red sky outside through a nearby window as her body temperature began to climb. How could she have lost track of time so completely? Did she take too long in cleaning the floor before this one or did she just spend too much time thinking about the old days? It didn't matter now, all that mattered was getting back to the confines of the van. There were only minutes to spare, once it truly began she could not stop it.

"Got to hurry." she said aloud as she dropped her broom and ran to the elevator at the end of the hall.

Luckily these ran all day and night, she knew she'd never make it down ten flights of stairs. Thankfully she wouldn't have to wait for the elevator once she'd pressed the call button as she'd rode it herself to the top, and no one else had been in the building to set it moving from there. It simply opened and she practically threw herself inside and slapped the 'lobby' button to start it's decent. She was already panting from her short sprint down the hall and the building heat inside her body wasn't helping her either. Sweat began to bead on her face and neck, she could feel the warm moisture causing her overalls to cling to her body uncomfortably.

"So hot." she barely managed to say between breathes as she tugged collar of her of gray overalls.

She began to slowly unzip her clothes and fan her chest as the elevator slowly made it's decent to the ground floor. Sweat glistened on every inch of exposed skin, and had begun to soak through the fabric as well leaving darker spots in random places. She couldn't see the sun setting outside and the sky becoming dark, but she knew it had happened when the first pains began. It started as a cramp in her stomach that forced her to double over with both arms wrapped around her midsection. Sweat dripped from her face as she groaned. She knew she'd never make it to the van now, she'd become a beast on the floor of the lobby at this rate.

She did the only thing she could think of at that point. Reaching up with an unsteady hand she pressed the button in the bottom corner of the panel that would send the elevator to the sub-basement. There was nothing down there but storage crates and tools. Nothing the beast could damage with it's teeth or claws, and no way it could escape. It wasn't the ideal place to transform, but it was the only option outside of the elevator itself now.

Straining and grunting she forced herself to standup straight and finished unzipping her coveralls. Slipping her arms and shoulders out of the sweltering suit she then pushed the bunched-up material down over her hips. She struggled for a moment as another wave of internal pain took hold, this time the muffled wet squishing of organs could be heard from within her. She cringed as her insides began to rearranged in preparation for her new shape. Gathering herself again she pushed the clothes completely off her legs and kicked them aside along with her boots. She now stood clad in only her sweat drenched white cotton panties, which had become quite transparent and left nothing to the imagination. Every detail of her rear and genitalia were visible through the wet fabric now. Surprisingly she'd kept her womanhood completely shaven, something one might not expect from a person who never goes out. Her reasons for it weren't for style or sexual practice at all though. She simply hated having any extra hair, it reminded her of the animal she became, and being smooth made her feel more human somehow.

The heat within her body intensified, causing her to cry out. Rivulets of sweat now poured down her bare skin. She felt as if she would melt or burst into flames at any moment. The elevator was still a few floors from it's destination as Kate braced herself against it's cold metal doors with both hands, sweat dripped from her breasts as they heaved and swayed. Panting heavily, her breath began to fog the previously pristine surface of the metal door. Her sweaty hands began to slip down the smooth surface of the door as she sunk to her knees. She couldn't go down on all fours yet, she knew if she did it would be impossible to get up again. With one hand bracing her against the door she used the other to slide her soaking panties down over her curvaceous hips and round backside. It took both hands to guide the moist fabric down her wet thighs as she pressed her forehead against the door for balance.

At last she was naked. It felt right to her somehow, more natural. She desperately wanted to drop to all fours now and let the transformation take her, but she had to hold on just a little longer. The elevator suddenly came to a halt in the sub-basement and the doors slid open. Cool air rushed in to meet her, it teased her boiling hot flesh. Her already hard nipples seem to stiffen even more at the sudden chill. It took all her remaining strength to reach for her discarded clothes and toss them only a few feet outside the elevator door.

She moaned softly as she allowed herself finally to drop to all fours. She crawled out of the elevator slowly, like an animal stalking through the night. Sweat dripped from her body and caused her long black hair to cling to her face and shoulders. Her large breasts swung beneath her as she crawled away from the elevator. It closed automatically a few moments later. The basement was poorly lit and cold, but she didn't care. Her entire universe seemed to consist of only her own burning hot flesh and the instincts taking hold of her mind.

She began to moan loudly as the muscles in her back tightened and her shoulder blades popped. Dark hairs began to sprout in a line running down her back. Sweat trailed down her thighs as they began to tense up. She splayed her fingers out before her on the ground as her nails began to lengthen into deadly sharp claws. Claws not unlike the ones that scarred her face and took her eye. Her toenails started to sharpen as well as her feet stretched longer and pads formed on their underside. She turned one hand over and watched the rough pads bubbling up through the once soft flesh.

It wouldn't be long now, she knew this from experience. Each month she endured this torture, and it never got any easier. There wasn't time to think or say anything now as the muscles in her legs and arms suddenly bulged beneath her glistening skin. Dark hairs were appearing all over her body now, becoming thickest on her back and shoulders. A line of black fur sprang up between her breasts and continued down her stomach to her crotch. She felt her soft delicate breasts fill with heat as they began to shrink. She dared not look at them, watching the animal take her womanly features was too much for her to bear. As her breasts dwindled to nothing she could feel extra nipples forming along her belly as well. Eight erect nipples now lined her underside, and then were quickly obscured by thick black fur. Moments later Kate's ribs began to crack as her chest expanded into a barrel shape. She was unable to breathe for a few seconds as this took place, then air rushed back into her now larger lungs.

Looking mostly like an animal now, Kate grunted and felt her tailbone begin to stir at the end of her spine. She lowered her upper body to the floor and raised her rear higher as her backside changed further. The round curves of her buttocks began to melt away as canine muscle burnt away the fat of her rear. Her hips contracted and snapped loudly as her pelvic bones reconfigured fully into quadrupedal form, locking her on all fours and stealing the last of her womanly curves. She moaned again as she felt the skin of her lower pack pulled tightly by her growing tail. Vertebrae were added to her spine one by one, each accompanied by a soft pop of bone and a whimper from Kate. When the tail had reached it's full length it bloomed with thick black fur and raised itself high in the air.

"No.." Kate whispered weakly as she felt her womanhood begin to burn with change as well. It was the most disturbing part of her transformation. The shape and size of her sexual organs changing was unsettling to her as both the external and internal parts shifted. It made no sense to her, as werewolves didn't even reproduce with these organs, they passed on the condition with bites and scratches not by birth. She doubted very much that a fetus could even survive inside a mother's womb as she transformed. There was little time to ponder this bizarre aspect of her nature as the final phase began.

The last of her sweat dripped from her face as she stood on all fours, the rest of her body having fully taken the shape of a large black wolf. Her long black hairs began to shorten and pull back into her scalp. She could feel her ears growing longer and pointed. They began to ring as they shifted upwards to the top of her head, making her momentarily deaf. Then the sounds of the world returned, and she could hear better than with her original ears. The sound of popping bone and tearing muscle filled these new wolf ears as her facial bones began to pulsate. Her teeth sharpened to fangs and saliva poured from her darkening lips.

A loud sharp 'clack' caused her new ears to stand up suddenly as her glass eye popped out of it's socket. The scars that had long kept her from socializing these last two years faded from existence as the skin of her face changed and fur begin to appear. Then the most disorienting thing happened. Her vision of the world expanded suddenly as her missing eye began to regenerate. Her still human eye saw the world as it normally did while her newly regrown eye was already that of a wolf, it saw the world in only black and white. This mismatch caused her head to hurt even before her skull began to change shape. She closed both eyes to lessen the pain somewhat, it was the only control she had over it. It was almost insulting the way her transformation would tease her with this temporary replacement eye, sometimes she felt as if it were mocking her. She couldn't keep the eye once she returned to human form, and her scars would return just as they had been as well. All her human hair was gone by the time the top of her head began to flatten and her cranium shrank. Her brain was being reduced in size and her mind slipping away. It was pointless to resist this process, yet she always tried to hold on to a little piece of herself for as long as she could. Memories faded and thoughts went unfinished as her face stretched forward into a muzzle. Kate's nose darkened and became moist as the last traces of her human face were overtaken by black fur. There was no language to her thoughts now as her brain continued to alter within the confines of her shrinking cranium. Instincts took over and intelligence abandoned her, everything that made her the person she was had been swallowed up in a tidal wave of pain and heat.

At last the transformation was complete, the wolf that had minutes ago been Kate raised it's head toward the ceiling and howled to celebrate it's rebirth. It stood on all four of it's large paws and shook out it's fur, the moisture of human sweat still soaking it. Kate's clothing remained in a heap near the elevator door, the scents lingering on them attracted the wolf's attention. It sniffed them briefly and quickly pulled it's nose back, snorting several times. Something about the way they smelled bothered the wolf, it didn't like them at all and quickly abandoned them.

The wolf wandered the dark sub-basement, finding absolutely nothing of interest. There was no food, nothing to hunt, only the strange smelling pile of wet cloth held any brief interest to it. With nothing else to do the beast howled into the empty dark room for a few hours and eventually went to sleep.

When dawn came Kate awoke. Human once more and of course stark naked. Dust from the floor had caked parts of her skin, everywhere else was sticky with cold sweat. She fumbled through the dark of the basement until she found the elevator, that area was practically the only part of the floor that had even the faintest of light. She found her clothes just as she'd left them, they were dusty now but dry at least. The wolf hadn't so much as touched them, but she knew it wouldn't. It had taken a while to figure this part out but eventually she discovered that spraying the juice of citrus fruits onto her clothes kept the wolf from disturbing them during the night. The wolf like any other dog hated the strong scent of citrus, it burned it's nose like it had inhaled acid. She may have smelled like she'd lost a fight with an orange juicer but at least she wouldn't have to walk to her van naked.

Kate used the all too familiar elevator to ride up to the lobby. In the reflection on the door she looked like she'd spent the night in a ditch. Dirt covered her face and hands, her hair was a mess that she only barely managed to cover her scars with. Her left eye socket was empty, the glass eye was simply too filthy now to put back in. She'd have to give it a serious cleaning once she got home. Reaching into the left breast pocket of her work coveralls she found a small packet of breath mints. She sorely needed them now, there was nothing worse than waking up with dog breath.

When she reached the lobby it was barely sunrise. No one would be arriving for a few more hours. Kate proceeded to retrieve all her cleaning gear and return it to her van, making sure to tidy up anything that she'd missed the night before. At least she'd managed to finish the work, if a bit late.

Upon returning home Kate immediately stripped and took a much needed shower. Washing the dirt and dried sweat from her soft skin. She cleaned and disinfected the glass eye thoroughly before replacing it into her left socket. After the shower and eye cleaning she exited the bathroom in a faded yellow bathrobe and began to comb her long black hair, making sure it would neatly cover the left half of her face as usual. Though out of the corner of her good eye she noticed a red blinking light on her answering machine. She'd apparently gotten a call while in the shower. She wondered who could possibly have left a message for a virtual recluse like herself. While still combing her hair with one hand she pressed the play button on her answering machine. After a high pitched beep the message began;

"Hello? Kate? This is Carl. Look, I'm guessin' you didn't know bout' this, but we got security cameras in the elevator and on every floor..... even in the sub-basement. When you're feelin' more like yerself, we gotta have a very long talk. Very, very, long."

The message ended while Kate stood, mouth agape, having dropped her comb the second the elevator was mentioned. There wasn't much else she could say but;

"Fuck my life."
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