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Cool Master PC: Girlfriend Builder


Brittanyís ancient POS computer finally gave up and died. May it rust in Hell because she has WAY too much homework to go without it. Fortunately, one of the guys in her study group left his laptop in the back of her car and is OK with Brittany using it until her computer gets fixed. Unfortunately, Brittany canít find Word or Excel or any of the normal tools. But she does find Girlfriend Builder.

Since sheís got nothing better to do while waiting for the perverted creep who loaned her the useless laptop to call her back and tell her how to run Word, why not make a girlfriend? A perfect fantasy girlfriend. Why not? Because maybe itís a front end for the fabulous Master PC program and the perfect girlfriend sheís building is HER.


William Pratt, Bill to his friends, sure knows how to get the most out of a dead computer. Only this time it was running Windows Vista, so we can expect even bigger breasts! That makes no sense, does it? But who cares! Bigger BOOBS!

Pratt delves into the mind of a somewhat bored and stressed out young lady as she goes on a journey to make the perfect girlfriend and uncover her inner bimbo, not that itís what she planned to do, but these things sort of work out that way. And itís for the better. Brittany isnít likely to be bored again anytime soon.

FREE preview of the comic here [no registration required]
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