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Re: Giantess Club Updates

*Stranger than Fiction: University Daze had a nice chapter, however, I would like to see more of the growing mom in the first chapter!
*Growth Competition is hot work just let the milfs grows much bigger and thicker!
*Red Pill: Legalized was good but if only the mother grows much bigger and hotter than girl and girl shrink back!
*Futa & Friends had a great update, I love the last scenes, just let the milfs stay huge and sexy permanently and we have more huge futa milfs in the next!
*Queen Bee Phenomenon has an incredible beginning, the scenes between son and step-mom are very good, milfs looks so hot in this work, this is the best series so far, I wish to see that in more parts and more growth for the step-mom!

Giantessclub comics are fantastic, can't wait for more great work!!
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