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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

Huan felt a shiver run down his spine as he heard the familiar sound again as he saw Yasha’s body stretch and expand once again. He could see her smiling at him as her body continued to grow. She saw him step back and seemingly shrink before her. She also slowly rose to her feet as she knew that the battle was more or less hers.

Huan could only look up helplessly as he watched Yasha continue to grow. She chuckled as the process continued. He had thought that she was tall before but as she continued to grow she made him feel smaller and smaller. His master had prepared him for many different scenarios but nothing like this.

Just as Yasha stood to her full height her growth spurt suddenly stopped. Her height had practically trebled from what it had been moments before and it was likely that her strength had also been increased dramatically as well. Huan looked up at her and he could see that her confident smile had only grown as well. Her head was only around a foot away from the ceiling and once again her clothing had grown with her.

“Almost overdid it there,” said Yasha as she used her hand to check the distance between her head and the ceiling. “Any bigger and I wouldn’t be able to stand up in here.” She then looked down at Huan who did feel a little intimidated but with what was on the line he was still willing to fight this giant woman. “And you look a little different than you did before. Have you lost weight?” She chuckled to herself but Huan was not amused.

“Spare me your terrible jokes,” replied Huan. He brought his hands in front of him as he was ready to fight. “You may have increased your size even further but I’m still not willing to give up. You will have to kill me before that happens.”
“If that is what you want.”

With that Yasha took a couple of short steps toward Huan and she lifted her foot up and went to stomp down on him. He was able to dodge out of the way and he responded by kicking her shin. Unfortunately for him it had practically no effect on her. If anything, it just made her laugh as she bent down and swatted him away with her hand.

The impact sent Huan flying and he landed on the ground. Before he could get up he felt her foot come down on top of him. She placed it on his back and she put a small amount of pressure on it. Not to cause him any harm but instead to keep him in place. He tried to move but he found himself unable to.

“You’ve put up a good fight but this is where it ends,” said Yasha. She placed a small amount of additional pressure on him and he gave out a groan of pain. “And even if you somehow recover enough to fight again I can just make myself even bigger and bigger.” She was tasting the sweet taste of victory for the first time in a long time. “I can even make myself as large as a mountain if I wanted to. You see, from the very beginning you never stood a chance.”

“If you’re going to do it then do it. Don’t just talk about it,” replied Huan who thought about his next move.

“Very well, enjoy the afterlife.”

She lifted her foot up in order to stomp down on him. She knew that she would have to put some force behind it in order to deliver the killing blow so she lifted it quite high. This was the opening that he needed as he rolled out of the way and she slammed her foot down on the ground. This caused her a small amount of pain, but if anything, it annoyed more than it had hurt her.

As Huan looked up her and heard the same stretching sound again. He saw Yasha growing even taller but he soon heard a loud thud as her head struck the ceiling. Unlike the other growth spurts this one was much smaller in comparison as she only sprouted up by a couple of feet and it had looked unintentional.

“Look what you made me do!” stated Yasha in an annoyed tone. She raised her fist as she saw Huan climbing back to his feet. “I’ve had enough of these games, I’m putting an end to this farce right now!”

Huan could see that the situation was dire but not impossible. He had just noticed that his opponent did have a weakness, it seemed that whenever she got annoyed or angry it would cause her unintentionally increase her size. He didn’t think it was that much of a weakness but it was still one that he planned on exploiting.

Yasha ducked down and went to punch Huan but he did dodge out of the way and he responded with a strong punch to her wrist. This caused her a small amount of pain but she followed this up with a series of punches that he was just able to dodge. This time he didn’t try to attack as he completely focused on dodging. If just one of her blows struck it would be the end for him and all hope of saving his sister would be gone.

“It is pointless having such strength if you can’t touch your opponent,” said Huan in a manner that he knew would only annoy her further.

“Shut up and die already,” replied Yasha in her annoyed tone. She also unintentionally grew another couple of feet and it made her feel a little cramped in the small space. Huan began to move toward the doorway that he had entered the room through. It was still open and he could see that she was following him, just as he was hoping. “Don’t think that you can get away from me that easily little man!”

With that Huan made his way through the doorway completely and Yasha got down to her hands and knees in order to follow. She began squeezing through doorway but she couldn’t respond as he struck her in the face with a couple of punches. He made sure that they weren’t enough to cause any real damage for the time being. It only added to her annoyance and she let out a cry of anger but this caused her to grow again.

This growth spurt was to Yasha’s disadvantage. She had still been in the process of crawling through the doorway and she had only gotten herself halfway through. The growing spurt had expanded her body to the point that it was now too large to fit through. Her upper body was in the same area as Huan but the rest of it was in the previous room. She tried to force her way through but her body was wedged in too tightly for her to be successful.

“Damn it I’m stuck!”
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