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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

Yasha continued to move around as she tried to free herself from the doorway that she had found herself wedged in. Despite her great strength she was unable to move her body out and this only added to her annoyance. She tried to keep her emotions in check as she knew that it would cause her to grow again.

Huan watched on and he took the opportunity to catch his breath. He had her where he wanted but he didn’t think that he had the strength to knock her out. He was still thinking about how he was going to win, from her discomfort he knew that she was truly stuck.

“Looks like you’re in a bit of trouble there,” said Huan which caused Yasha to look at him with an annoyed glare.

“This is all your fault,” replied Yasha. She was finding it harder and harder to keep her emotions in check. “If you had just given up I wouldn’t be stuck like this.” She reached to grab him but he was just out of arm’s reach.

“Can’t you just shrink yourself until you can squeeze out?”

“No, it’s not that simple.” She gave a sigh in order to try and calm herself down. “It’s really easy for my body to grow but to shrink it is a different story. The bigger I grow the longer it takes me to shrink back down to my normal size.”

“So how long is it until you’re small enough?”

“It’ll be a good hour or so. Might take me a full day to shrink to normal size.” She gave a sigh but she could see Huan sitting down on the ground. He was still out of her reach and she was a little confused. “What are you doing?”

“We have come to a stalemate, you can’t defeat me while I’m sitting here and you’re still too large for me to defeat. So, all we can do is wait for you to shrink down enough to free yourself. I’d rather not sit in silence so let’s talk, we can at least pass the time.”

“Very well.” She had been silent for a few moments but she realised that he was right. His skill had at least earned some respect from her.

“What do you want to know?”

“I must know how you’re able to increase your size and why you’re protecting the elixir. You don’t mind answering such a question, do you?”

“Normally yes but you’ve at least earned an answer. I attained my ability to increase my size thanks to a technique that I had been studying for some time. At first I could only increase my size by a few inches but as I continued to practice I discovered that I could grow as large as I wanted.” She couldn’t believe that she was telling him this but he seemed to be genuinely interested it what she was saying. “I challenged many people but none of them were able to match my skills, eventually I got bored but that was when I discovered this place. I didn’t come here for the elixir but instead the challenge before me, as you might expect I was able to defeat the three masters. My prize instead was replacing the original Third Master. Over the years I have seen off a few people who have desired the elixir. None of them even made me have to increase my size, that was until you did. For that you should be proud.” She tried to move but she was nowhere near small enough to achieve her goal. “Now that I’ve answered you, you must answer a question from me.”

“Go ahead, I will answer.” Her words had given him a lot to think about but he was still willing to talk.

“Why do you want the elixir? Are you trying to achieve immortality or do you want to sell it to the highest bidder?”

“My reason for what I do is for my sister.” This time it was his turn to give a sigh. “She is dying and no healer can save her, the elixir is my last hope of saving her life. I see now that my quest has more or less come to an end.”

“Why would you say that?”

“Because I can see now that I cannot defeat you, like you said if I somehow gained an advantage you’d just grow again. Even though the task is hopeless I will continue to fight you until I draw my last breath.”

“You are indeed an honourable man.” Her expression changed as she could see that he was different to the other people that she had fought. His quest was noble and she couldn’t fault him for what he was doing. “You put yourself at considerable risk in order to help another in need, there is no task greater than that.” She fell silent as she knew that she was likely going to regret what she was going to say next. “When I free myself, I’ll allow you to take the elixir.”

“Do you mean it or are you playing me for a fool?” This was a development that he couldn’t turn away from but he was understandably sceptical.

“I am a woman of my word, I have not lied to you before and I am not lying to you now. You will leave this temple with the elixir and save your sister. But there is one thing that I must ask in return.”

“And what would that be?”

“I wish to return to your settlement whether it be as expansive as a city or as small as a hamlet. When you take the elixir my purpose here will be no more, besides you’ve given me a greater fight than I’ve ever experienced. I wish to fight you again and this time I won’t be trapped in such an opening as this.”

“I agree to your condition.” He didn’t really have to think about it as he too wished to fight her again under more pleasant circumstances.
For the next several minutes they continued to talk and they each asked one another about their lives. Yasha learned that Huan had been a troublesome child before his master had shown him the way. He learned that she had been protecting the elixir for more than a century and this amazed him as she stated that she was as young now as she was when she had first arrived. She hadn’t left the temple since becoming the Third Master.

Almost an hour had gone by and Yasha began to move again. This time she could feel her body move a little as it had been reduced in size to the point that this had happened. She couldn’t help but smile as she knew that she was going to be free in a few moments. But she also had an opportunity to go back on her promise, she could finish off Huan if she wanted to and keep the elixir safely there.
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