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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

A few minutes went by and Yasha felt that the door around her wasn’t as tight as it was. With some effort she began to move her body through into the room behind her. It took a small amount of wriggling around but she was able to complete the task. She was glad that she was free and she watched as Huan re-entered the room. She was still too tall to stand up so she simply sat down and looked at him.

For Huan he could see that his quest was almost at an end. On the other side of the room was a door that would lead to the elixir that he needed to save his sister. With some confidence he began to walk toward it but he saw Yasha’s hand slam down in front of him. This made him stop dead in his tracks and he looked up at the woman who towered above him. His eyes widened as she looked down at him and he began to realise what was happening.

“What are you doing Yasha?” asked Huan. He couldn’t help but feel betrayed, he took a step back and waited for her to make the next move. At her current size he knew that if they fought that he would stand little chance. “You said I could have the elixir.”

“Yes, I said that you could,” replied Yasha. “But that’s not how it works here, in order to earn the elixir, you still must defeat me. There’s no way of getting around it.”

Huan still felt betrayed and he also had a strong sense of rage overtake him. Rather than acting out he remembered his technique to control his anger. As he did this he realised something, Yasha wasn’t betraying him or going back on her word. He saw exactly what she
was doing and he nodded to her in approval.

He quickly approached her and weakly punched her leg. This caused Yasha to seemingly scream out in agony and then fell back. He knew that his punch was nothing more than a tap to her but she was acting like he had just stabbed her with a spear. There was a loud thud as she struck the ground and she began to groan. She then muttered the infamous word ‘I give up’.

No sooner had Yasha admitted defeat the door to the elixir opened and Huan looked at it. For the first time ever, he saw the actual elixir itself. It stood on a small pedestal and was in what looked to be a ceramic pot. It looked to be quite small, small enough for a man to store in his pocket and it looked very plain looking. If he didn’t know any better he would have thought that it was a simple container.

Huan stepped toward it and picked it up, he could feel a liquid inside of it and he opened the top up. He took a quick whiff of what was inside and it had a smell that was unlike any that he had smelled before. He knew that this was the elixir that he needed and for a few moments he couldn’t believe that he was actually holding it.

“So, you finally got what you came for,” said Yasha. Huan turned to her and he could see her sitting up with her arms crossed. “I suppose that I should congratulate you.”

“Thank you for what you have done, but now I need to get back to my home as quickly as possible,” replied Huan. He began to walk forward, he had his eyes on the door that led to the exit. “Are you still coming with me?”

“And miss the opportunity to fight you again? I think that you already know the answer to that one.” She gave him a smile as the idea of finally being free of this place was at the forefront. “Lead away hero man.”

Huan walked through the door back into the previous room. Yasha was able to squeeze through the door. Every moment that went by she shrank smaller and smaller, however the process was so slow that it didn’t look like it was happening at all. She could tell the difference as she squeezed through the door easier than she had before.

On the way to the outside they went by the first and second masters who were both recovering their prides after their defeat. They were sure that Huan would have been defeated by Yasha but they were surprised to see that they were leaving together. She informed them that she had been defeated and that they were free to go as they wished. They had no idea where to go as this temple had been their home for many, many years.

Eventually the pair found themselves outside and Yasha found felt an odd feeling. It was the first time that she had seen the sun for a very long time and the fresh air filling her lungs gave her a satisfied feeling. She could also stand up to her full height again, she thought that the area hadn’t really changed that much since she had last seen it.

As Yasha was taking in the fact that she was outside Huan was able to retrieve his horse that had been foraging on grass nearby. He quickly climbed onto it and made his way back to Yasha who was still taking in the scenery.

“Yasha it’s time to leave,” said Huan. He made sure that the elixir was secure in his pocket as if he lost it his sister was done for. “Follow me and try not to fall behind.”

“Actually.” She turned to him and looked down so that she could clearly see him. “I have a better idea.” She began to concentrate and Huan could hear the sound again. His horse could hear it too and they both saw her already incredible height beginning to increase once again. She groaned a little as her growth spurt continued. This was by far the largest that she had been for some time and by the time she had stopped growing she was easily as tall as the temple if not taller.

“Woah.” He had seen her large before but now he was truly in awe of her. He remembered how she had said that she could grow as tall as a mountain if she wanted. He thought that she was exaggerating but now he thought that she might very well be telling the truth. He watched as the truly gigantic woman knelt down to her knee and placed her hand down on the ground. His horse was a little panicked by what it was seeing and he did everything he could to try and keep it calm.

“I’m sure that your horse is very fast but at this size I can travel even faster,” said Yasha. “Just point the way and I’ll take you there. Just climb onto my hand.”

Huan was in silence for a moment but he forced his horse to step onto the hand of the giantess. It was a little small but he was sure that she would simply make herself even bigger if she needed to. No sooner had they gotten onto her hand she stood up to her full height and he pointed in the direction of his village. She nodded her head and began to long walk.

Each one of her footsteps caused a small tremor through the ground but for Huan he was seeing the world from a vantage point that he had never seen before. He knew that Yasha would take care of him during the journey but he knew that if they didn’t get the elixir home soon his sister would surely perish.
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