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Re: The Man With Lightning Fists (Illustrated Story)

When Huan entered the house, he could see that there was a table that had food already set up on it. The first thing that hit him was the smell which took him aback for a moment. He thought that it smelled delicious and he would have wanted to do nothing but stuff his face. However, he remained composed and sat down at the table itself.

One thing that he noticed was that it was a low table and that there were no chairs. He didn’t mind sitting on the floor to eat as he was more or less used to it. This was when he saw the food for the fist time, they had been plated up already and he could see that it had all been flavoured with spices. This included noodles and cooked chicken amongst other items of cooked food. It looked to be a feast fit for a king.

With Huan seated Yasha too began to sit on the floor next to the table. Even sitting down, she was noticeably taller than Huan and she began to think that this might be a problem. Even though she had been away from civilization for some time she knew that traditionally men were taller than women and it was somewhat rare for a man to be with a woman who was taller than them. When she had first come to the village and been her normal size she thought that it would be fine. Now that her body’s natural height had increased significantly she thought that it might work against her.

“Now that you are both seated I will take my leave for now,” said Ms Zeng. She began to walk out of the room but thanks to her short stature and age it would take her a little longer than a young person. “I need to rest, call me if you need anything.”

When Ms Zeng had left the room Huan lifted the chopsticks that had been placed by his plate and began to eat. It tasted better than it had smelled and he didn’t think that it was possible. He was experiencing flavours that he didn’t know existed. He looked at Yasha who too was eating but one thing that he noticed was that she was eating a lot more than he was. He wasn’t surprised since she was taller than him but he still looked for a few moments.

“I’m sorry,” said Yasha as she realised what she was doing. “When I get a good meal in front of me I can sometimes lose myself.”

“No, its fine,” replied Huan. He found himself looking into her eyes that although were above him still looked to be beautiful. “Did you make all of this by yourself?”

“Yeah, I slaved over that stove in order to make everything just right,” replied Yasha with confidence in her voice. She saw him raise an eyebrow and she knew that he didn’t completely believe her. “Actually, Ms Zeng helped me out a lot with it. To tell you the truth I couldn’t have done it without her.”

“Just as I suspected.” He paused for a moment as he looked into her eyes again. “You do look very beautiful tonight.”

“You think so?” There was a slight groaning noise as Yasha sprouted up a little. It made the height difference between them increase. She grew by around half a foot or more as she had accidentally used her enlarging powers. “Sorry about that, I’ve been having a couple of problems with my powers recently. As you’ve seen I’ve grown taller recently and my powers have been activating like this a few times. It does get annoying.” She chuckled for a moment although she was telling a half truth. Her height had increased but her sudden growth spurt had only happened while he was around her. For now, she didn’t want to tell him.

“I guess, but still you look fantastic. You’ve really gone all out on looking your best tonight.” He saw her sprout up a little more and she smiled at her.

“Do you think so? I wasn’t sure if I hadn’t done my hair right or if I put on too much make up or not enough.” She seemed to be talking very fast and Huan was having problems keeping up with her. He just held onto her hand.

“Don’t worry, you look great. This dinner has been lovely and you’ve really outdone yourself. Everything is fine.”

Yasha didn’t answer as she took in everything that he had said. Going into this dinner she had been worried about several different things. Now that she could see that Huan was perfectly happy with both her appearance and the food it was almost too much for her to contain. She shed a couple of tears and went to stand up.

Huan watched as Yasha stood up more and more and he had a smile on his face as well. He had realised that this was more or less a date but he didn’t want to say anything about it yet. Instead he wanted t make things seemed naturally. But his smile soon disappeared when he heard a loud thud sound.

It was only then that they realised that Yasha had grown too tall to stand up properly. The suddenness of her head striking the ceiling had caused her some pain. As a knee jerk reaction her leg accidentally knocked over the table sending both the food and the plates crashing to the ground. She realised what had happened and it caused her to panic.

Huan quickly got up to his feet and assure her that everything was going to be alright. tears were still forming in her eyes as she knew that she had just ruined the night. As she looked down she could see the tipped over table and smashed plates and she saw Huan leaning down to try and clean it up. For the moment she was still too flustered to react and she felt another surge run through her body.

Huan continued to try and clean up but he heard a crashing sound. When he looked over to Yasha he could see that her head had gone clear through the ceiling. Her head was completely gone as he could only see a small part of her neck and the rest of her body. The house was a single storey building with a relatively weak roof because it was only expected rainwater. Because of this her head and gone through with ease.

There were several moments of silence as Huan didn’t know how to properly react to what had happened. Yasha too was dumbfounded as she could see that her head was outside while the rest of her body was in the building below. Tears rolled down her face as she realised that her night had gone from a success to an utter failure.
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