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Re: Giantess Fan Comics

Originally Posted by qzar9999 View Post
Big thanks to the crew at Giantess Fan for the freebie day a couple of weeks ago. As a fan of growth, obviously I'd be thrilled if every comic had process in it, but I understand the site isn't called Growth Fan, lol. Wanted to toss in my two cents and say that I really like the site. I feel like the artwork and writing for your comics are quite good, and when they do have growth it's done well. I'm rather fond of Bigger Than This, High Fashion, and Power Patrol, to name a few, and I look forward to signing up later this year when the next part of Bigger is out.

Any plans to continue Power Glove, BTW?
I appreciate the feedback. And yes, we have had plans for another Power Glove for quite some time. It might be a while until it's actually done though (sorry for the wait).
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