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Re: Inch by Inch

Hello everyone!

We just tested the game with our own antivirus software and also both the zip and the .exe file with Virustotal, which led to an almost flawless 1/59 rating (check it out yourself if you want!). False-positives aren't uncommon, but you really shouldn't play or execute any program you're not feeling comfortable with. The only thing I could think of as a cause of this right now is the mouse-capturing during the game, since this also fooled my own antivirus software some time ago with another program - I can't really imagine that something like this is happening with a Unity Game though.

We will definitely look into this issue if there are multiple people experiencing this issue, but so far you are the only one we heard of. Also would kick our ass big time and it would be really stupid of us linking or own twitter profiles in this game if there was really a virus in there - just saying :D

@ Prof_Sai
We thought about uploading some gameplay-videos (or at least some gifs) in general, maybe we'll also do a Professor run and upload it too! But I can say that DareLooks has already won this on Professor Difficulty! And I almost did as well - I just couldn't reach the antidote machine with the last key ingredient! >:o
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